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Times like these


Things are worse than I thought. I almost didnt recognize papa at the airport. He looked SO frail. And he walks so slowly.


I have been sleepless nightless. Literally. I go to bed at midnight and lie wide awake. When I hear papa cough and go to the bathroom, I literally jump out of bed. I am as paranoid as can be. My already panda-eyed eyes are worse. I have been walking around during the day time like a zombie.


I watch him eat ever so slowly, he needs to be reminded to eat the next spoon of rice. I feed him sometimes. He gets sleepy while eating and nods off. He needs help getting dressed.


I spoke to the dr yesterday, and the prognosis is not good. I see the cancer patients in the hospital, and times like these, I really do think that God is cruel.


Times like these, I also learn that strength comes from within. You cannot rely on anyone  or anything else for strength. You hope others would understand, but they dont. Prayers don’t help and those soothing words that are often uttered seem like a terribly overplayed, rehearsed line after some time.


Life sometimes is just like a big facade. When you think things are going well, WHAM, you fall. When you think that no more trouble will come your way, WHAM, comes another major trial.


I think its time for some major reflection in my life.


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Nasi lemak (Pic from www.malaysiasite.nl)

Nasi lemak (Pic from http://www.malaysiasite.nl)



Char kuay teow (Pic from www.masak-masak.blogspot.com)

Char kuay teow (Pic from http://www.masak-masak.blogspot.com)



Banana leaf rice (Pic from www.foodlah.com)

Banana leaf rice (Pic from http://www.foodlah.com)


Those are the three types of foods that I will attack first when I get back home 😛 My suitcase is all packed. My flight leaves at 6.30 pm tomorrow and I arrive on Monday, CNY.


Wishing all of you Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Michelle Obama's shoes are from Jimmy Choo

Michelle Obama's shoes are from Jimmy Choo (photo taken from Bryanboy.com)


 She wore this outfit in the picture above created by a designer of Cuban descent, Isabel Toledo. And the white dress she wore to the ball was by a 26 year old (!!!) designer of Taiwanese descent, Jason Wu.


Now if only our dear Malaysian Datuk Jimmy Choo hadn’t sold his shares in JIMMY CHOO, Malaysians could have proudly proclaimed that Michelle Obama wore shoes by a MALAYSIAN designer, Jimmy Choo! 😦 Those green shoes she’s wearing in the picture above are by Jimmy Choo.


Did I tell you I once saw Jimmy Choo himself pottering about in Sunway Pyramid with his family?;) I was too dumbstruck to ask for an autograph 😛

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Kuah Kurma Brahim


Brahim's Kuah Kurma (pic taken from Brahim's website)

Brahim's Kuah Kurma (pic taken from Brahim's website)


Heheh, nope, I’m not gonna rant about it. Brahim’s Kuah Kurma was actually quite good! Much better than it’s rendang. To me, anway.


We had Kurma Ayam for dinner last night and I chucked in some potatoes, green chili and cubed onion. Goes really well with hot rice. We still have some leftover, we’ll be having that for dinner tonight with piadina instead.


I’m thinking of ways to finish the meat that we have in the freezer before we leave. HB normally eats cereal when he’s alone at home. Heh. Looks like we’ll be eating quite a bit these few days. Damn. There goes my plan to get really thin before I go home to Malaysia and pile on the pounds 😀

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So yes, the ticket has been purchased. I’m going home this Sunday. I arrive on Monday, Chinese New Year.


I will be flying Lufthansa, I hope it won’t be too bad. I know MAS pwns them. Whatever. I just want to go home.


To my friends back home in Malaysia, I hope you understand that I may not be able to meet you guys due to obvious circumstances.


On a lighter note, I texted mama today to ask how papa is doing, she said he was having breakfast, noodles and half boiled eggs. I asked mama to ask papa what he’d like from Italy. In classic papa style, he answered “An Italian girl”. 


It’s good to know that his sense of humour is still present. Love you pa, can’t wait to see you.

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Dear readers,


Many thanks for your concern with regard to papa’s health. Yes, I will be going home soon. When HB gets back from work tonight, we will sit and discuss the flight options.


Needless to say, I have been quite upset and a little depressed lately. So today, I got online to just surf around and to take my mind off things for a bit. I started googling online for kitchen mixers, and inevitably, it led me to KitchenAid. This post, by the way, is NOT an advertisement.


Boy oh boy am I in love.


KitchenAid has a reputation for being real handy in the kitchen. It is also known to be real sturdy and to last ages to the extent of being considered as family heirlooms.


In one of my previous posts, I mentioned how I made cookies and cake without a mixer. It was A LOT of work, and it sure was a MESSY affair. So yes, I am hankering for a KitchenAid.


The thing about KitchenAid is that it comes with attachments, so it is not just a stand mixer, but with the right attachments you can make pasta, ice cream(!!!!!), grind meat, make sausages, the list goes on.


While out working on Project H with HB the other day, I passed by this shop that had KitchenAids on its shelf. Boy was I excited. HB doesn’t know what the fuss is about 😛 A mixer is a mixer to him, I reckon.


But a KitchenAid is so expensive 😦 I didn’t go in to enquire about the model of the mixer I saw, but I saw the price tag, EUR530. That’s really expensive considering the fact that the most expensive KA on the official website is USD529.99. USD vs EUR and all that, the one I saw at the store is wayyy overpriced. 

Ah, a girl can dream can’t she? Personally I like the Professional 600 model Bowl Lift Stand mixer that costs USD499.99. Don’t you just love all those 9’s? Rolls eyes. I would LOVE one in fire-engine red, like this:


Professional 600™ 6-qt. Bowl-Lift Bowl Stand Mixer

Professional 600™ 6-qt. Bowl-Lift Bowl Stand Mixer


And for the attachment, I’d love this:


KitchenAid Pasta Maker

KitchenAid Pasta Maker


And this:


Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker

Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker


OMG, the possibilities are endless. Don’t you just love it???


A keen (but not-so-pro-yet lah) baker/cook like me can always dream, can’t she? 😉


P.S. : I read SixthSeal’s post on Chinese New Year Steamboat at Coca, and I’m positively DROOLING 😛

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I remember….


…how papa was my idol when I was little. My hero.


….how happy I was when papa came home from work each day, and me feeling relieved that he would be my “saviour” from my strict mum.


…..when I was five, and papa went all out to make me win my kindergarten’s fancy dress contest. He made me a petrol pump “outfit”. I still remember how he had to hire a pickup truck to transport that thing to school. I remember how happy I was coz I won, all thanks to him.


…..when I was nine, papa went to Singapore and he bought me my first Enid Blyton‘s book: The Rat A Tat Mystery even though it was expensive, and I finished it in one day.


….. when an encyclopedia salesman came to the house, papa asked me whether I could read and  understand what was in there, and the bookworm I was, I was so happy when papa bought it. I only didnt know that it cost a bomb and papa had to pay it off in installments. 😦


….how he would sometimes tapau his (my) favourite char kuay teow home when he had to work late, and he always had an extra packet for us, though he knew we’ve already had dinner. Those were the best char kuay teows in my life.


….how he would sometimes slip in a RM5 note in his sock and asked if one of us would like to help him take the socks off his feet.


….how he held my hand at the hospital when I was delirious and almost unconscious from the fever.


….how proud he was when I won the awards at my bachelor degree’s convocation. And how he was beaming when I gave my speech.


….how ill and pale he was during my Master’s convocation. He had to go outside halfway because he almost fainted.


….how I heard him near the bathroom one night when he was sick and he collapsed.


….the day I hugged him at the airport gate, and how I hadn’t felt that sort of sadness ever before.


Papa is ill. Doctors called my mum to gather family members at the hospital yesterday. Sis says that he is better today. I should go home.


Part of me is afraid of facing reality.


Please get better for me pa. For me.

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