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With a little help from sister’s phone, I present, the one, the only…. B O O!


Boo - taken in 2007

Boo - taken in 2007



Boo waiting for us while we finish our Hokkien Mee

Boo waiting for us while we finish our Hokkien Mee





His current favourite napping place, ON my suitcase. Only coz the suitcase is closed, otherwise it would be IN the suitcase.


And here’s the best one…


Livin' the life

Livin' the life

This was little sister’s work. Boo had just had a bath, and was squeaky clean and smelling lovely. The little girl brought him up onto the bed, tucked him under the blanket, and off he went to sleep! I don’t know any other dog that is as spoilt as this fella!


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I hate posting without pictures. So dull and dreary. I cant for the life of me configure this stupid laptop to accept my mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection. Windows Vista sucks!


So here are some updates:


1. I am still alive 😛

2. I’ve been getting Really Bad Headaches that makes the back of my left eye feel like its gonna pop out. And my left eyelid has been twitching to no end. I googled it fearing some neurological disorder (omg) and turns out it could be due to stress! So for the past 2 days I’ve been forcing myself to bed at 10.30pm sharp and trying to get more sleep. And touchwood, The Headache has not come back.

3. Funnily enough, I find that I sleep better in a room with a good ol’ table fan and not air conditioning.

4. I’ve been eating so much jambu (guava) with asam, I cant get enough of it!

5. Boo has been incredibly manja and adorable its actually quite amusing.

6. My only form of recreation is grocery shopping at Tesco. Coolness 😀

7. I’ve the best mum in the world and the best parents in law too. Lucky is me!

8. I’m waiting for mum to get home from Tesco with some baking soda and vanilla essence so I can make my kickass banana cake 😀

9. My littlest sister is quite literally NOT little. And she’s such a helpful little elf sister around the house. Does the dishes, laundry etc.

10. I’ve read the first two Harry Potters and I cannot proceed to the third one coz my sister has ALL except the third one, and now I’m itching to read the rest but I’m too much of a scrooge to buy the third one coz a REAL collector would buy ALL books and not leave one out. *LOUD cough*

11. Dad has good days and bad. Today is not so good. He’s coughing a lot and feeling very tired. The radiotherapy has also caused him to lose a lot of his hair. Poor papa 😦

12. A certain Queen has gone home to the meadows, so for the next few days, I can actually BREATHE in my own house. (its not mum or sis btw)

13. No matter how simple, mum’s home cooked food pwns everything else. She made chicken, pumpkin and mushroom soup (broth) today. So simple yet so darn yummy. Ive no idea how she does it.

14. Mum, sis and I went crazy at the pasar malam in Bangsar last Sunday. It was so funny. Mum has been deprived of her night markets since she moved to KL, and BOY was she happy. As for me, I went OMG OMG so much food, which one should I choose!!! Nasi lemak? Satay? Rojak petis!! OMG, they have chai tau kuay too! Oh man, they have wet popiah also! Oh man, I’m soooo gonna buy this, or should it be that?? We were like real greedy things. As the HB likes to call it, “thamjiak” 😀 But its all good. Mum got her mint, banana, fresh fish, coriander. And me, my food 😀

15. Dad has requested for petunias, and now there are 6 pots of pink and purple petunias hanging from our “Hotata Laundry Line” 😀 Shazlin, yours still the Hotata ah 😀

16. Apart from mango, jambu and apple, Boo also likes Muruku Ikan Cap Popo. Go figure.

17. Watched Slumdog Millionaire and LOVED it. The little Jamal was sooo adorable. My favourite scene? When he looked down at the pool of shit and plunged into it with determination. They deserved the Oscars.

18. I read the Malaysian papers these days by skipping the first 1-2 main pages ; Politics.

19. I saw the (once) baby who looked like HB when he was little. He can now walk.

20. The family has been spending a bomb on Gardenia’s Butterscotch bread. We grab two whenever we chance upon it.


So there you have it, details of my oh-so-interesting life. Thanks again peeps for all your concern with regard to papa. Do keep the comments coming, I thrive on em! 😉

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Trying times

It has been a tumultous period. The Net connection is also SO.DARN.BAD. I wont even begin to cuss, coz I wont stop. So do pardon my lack of posts.


Thank you all for your concern and prayers. Trust me, I am thankful tho I may not have the time to thank you individually.


Dad was in a pretty bad state, and he is still in the hospital. He’s been there close to two weeks now. The bad news is that the cancer has spread to the brain. That has caused him to have stroke-like symptoms, and he is weak on his left side. He needs to be fed, and he can’t walk without aid. The good news (for now) is that the cough seems to have subsided and those coughing bouts that scare the shit out of us seem to have passed.


Hospis Malaysia are a blessing. They will be lending us an airbed and a wheel chair. Gosh I dunno how its all gonna fit into the tiny room.


Theres so much to say but I fear the damn Net connection will go off again. So yeah, dad is still hanging on. And so are we.


Remember all that food I had planned to eat? Well I’ve eaten all of it, and then some, but somehow, it doesn’t seem to have left much of an impact on me. Maybe it’s coz I have lost my amazing appetite, or maybe it’s coz I have been too darn tired by everything happening around me that I just don’t enjoy food anymore.


I look like a panda now (not that I didn’t, before) no thanks to lack of sleep. I’ve been ill the past few weeks I’ve been home, and downing cough mixture to sleep get rid of my nasty cough. There’s also the yucky complexion and the zits that have popped up as I had expected. And oh, let’s not forget the Rubeus Hagrid hair. The HUMIDITY! I actually do miss the cold winter in Italy, would you believe that!


My mum has been amazing. I seriously don’t know how she manages. She has been sleeping at the hospital the past few weeks. In the morning, at 6.30am, she leaves for work from the hospital. I leave the house at 6.30am to send little sis to school, and then its straight to the hospital. The traffic and the )$(!!(#($##*  PARKING problem at Hospital Kuala Lumpur raises my blood pressure up three notches. I feed dad, clean him, do the needy till about 2pm or so. Then my aunt who has flown in from London takes over. At about 7 or so, mum drives straight from the office to the hospital. She showers there, and sleeps on the lazy chair till the next morning. And that’s how it has been the entire time. I never knew that caring for a sick person could be SO tiring. Its not like you just sit there and sleep or read the papers. Dad asks for the urine bottle all the time. And tissue. And to readjust his pillow or bed. Or he wants a drink. Or he has to poop. And then its lunchtime or teatime and we’ve gotta see to that.


 I’m not complaining, just telling things as it is. I get pissed when people think that all we do at the hospital is sit down and sleep or watch the patient. You think what, the nurses so nice and friendly ah, help you do everything. My foot lah. This poor pakcik (old man) opposite dad’s bed had not eaten for 2 days, and each time, he left his food tray untouched. And the nurses never did try to encourage him to eat. Aunt and I did. I made his tea for him, the poor pakcik was struggling with the sachets. And we tried to persuade him to eat, which he did eventually, although just a few spoons, but still, better than nothing. Malaysia’s hospital/medical service needs SO MUCH improvement, it’s actually quite shameful 😦


The dear HB has been around, and it’s a blessing to have him near to rant and pour out my emotions too. Its a really trying period. Sigh. Dunno what I’m gonna do when he flies back this weekend 😦

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