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One year

Dear pa,

I have thought of writing a poem about you, an ode if you will. I have always loved writing poems, I think you know that. This time though, it wasn’t easy. In fact, I just couldn’t do it. It’s just too hard.

It has been exactly one year since you left us. And I still feel like it was yesterday. I remember what I wore to the hospital, I remember the rain, I remember everything.

I remember how your last words to me were “I love you darling”. I remember how much you suffered pa. I remember crying by your bedside and hoping to God that I could switch places with you, and bear your pain. I remember telling you that it’s ok to let go.

I remember much more than that pa.

I remember you making me my fancy dress costume. Who can forget that petrol pump you built that won us the first prize. My friends still remember it now. I was only 5. I remember you had to hire a pick-up truck to transport that humongous thing to school.

I also remember you teaching me my first song, Do-A-Deer. I remember holding that sheet of paper and singing it while running up and down the house.

How can I not remember that day when mama got so mad at me for not being able to draw that mangosteen. I remember I was about to be smacked, and there you were, you stepped into the room and I looked at you, literally my saviour. I didn’t get any smacks that day.

I remember pa, how you taught me to draw those frogs for the school exhibition. Do you remember, I chose that poem Twenty Froggies, and you taught me how to draw it. How proud I was when that poster was chosen to be displayed at school for a visit by some Japanese guests.

I remember so many things pa. But I cannot write more. Its the tears. Darn them tears.

How are you keeping pa? Is the air-cond always on up there? Or I reckon they dont need it there? I wonder if you get to eat your favourite mutton curry with acar. And lots of “karevade” at the side. Or maybe you have a steamboat pot 🙂 to share with grandma and grandpa.

Do you get lots of plants up there. Maybe you have a nursery again. Or better still, the tomato plants. Who can forget the tomato plants. Darn these tears.

I miss you so much pa. I dream of you just about every single day. They say time heals. I don’t know if it works for me.

You added so much colour into our lives. It’s a little drab now, here.

We miss you pa. I hope you have some nice friends up there, ones that can appreciate your jokes. We miss those too. I miss them. But most of all, it’s you that I miss. You.

Your daughter, always.


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Goodies from Spain


Yes I’m still around. Just running around getting the tonnes of laundry done, and of course it has been raining for the past few days.

And yes, that’s just HALF the loot from Spain. Not in the picture – a dozen bottles of wine and loads of other stuff. We couldn’t help it. Things in Spain are close to HALF the price of things in Italy! I stopped short of stocking up on vegetables and fish >___<

Anyway, I’ve tonnes of pictures up on Facebook, but will update here too. Soon, soon. In between the cleaning and the laundry and putting away all our goodies, I’ve to prepare for a tapas party this Saturday.


Be right back!

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