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…..earning a living based on blogging alone, I think I would have starved to death a long time ago 😛

I ask myself, how can I be a stay-at-home-wife and have SO MANY things to do?? I don’t have the answer in case you’re wondering. In any case, I’m glad as I have lots of things to keep me occupied.

What has happened since I last wrote? Oh, it’s stale news by now, but I PASSED MY DRIVING EXAM! I have an Italian driving license now, and I can drive legally throughout the E.U. 😀 The test itself was rather anti-climatic. My examiner was a woman, which I thought spelt doom, as I’ve always felt that women are more observant and strict where everything is concerned. My driving teacher sat on the passenger seat beside me, and the examiner sat at the back. The teacher and the examiner were gossipping about some other person, and occasionally she would softly say “svolta adestra, svolta sinistra” (turn right, turn left). I had to strain my ears to hear her. Before the exam, my teacher told me that the examiners normally ask students to carry out more right turns than left turns, but oh-boy, my examiner made me do many left turns at the traffic light. If you are wondering, left turns at traffic lights are not the same as in Malaysia.

Picture credits to zizio.it

Picture credits to zizio.it

This is how it works. You see, in the image above, Vehicle B and Vehicle P have got the traffic lights green on their sides. Vehicle L and Vehicle D have got the red lights. The thing is, in Malaysia, let’s say P has a green light to turn right, B will NOT be able to turn left. It’s different here. The vehicle who has the right side free has precedence. As such, P goes first and then B even though BOTH of them have green lights. This isn’t so scary. The scariest bit is if P wants to go straight and B wants to turn left. Ugh, the first time the hubs did this maneuver, I swear I screamed and closed my eyes >___< The right way to do this is for B to move forward to the middle of the junction and wait for P to pass before continuing to turn left. And no, B cannot remain at its spot while waiting for P to go straight ahead; B must wait in the middle of the junction. Scary shit I tell you. My heart still thumps like crazy whenever I do this 😛 It’s ultra scary especially when the roads are narrow, and you wait in the middle of the road thinking the oncoming car is gonna bang right into you coz the road is so narrow. Ok, enough about this already, I bet you’re confused 😀

And if you thought I passed coz my examiner was chummy with my driving teacher, well you thought wrong! The student after me flunked coz, get this, he was being too careful and driving too slow! *wipes beads of sweat off forehead*

So there, another adventure in Italy completed. I spent close to EUR1k for this; lessons, tests, taxes and what not. Tsk tsk.

What else is new? Ah yes, the hubs made his first splurge in my X years of knowing him.  He bought two Bowers&Wilkins 683 speakers for the house. These two speakers can buy me 3 Kitchen Aid mixers. And it’s not even including the CD player and amplifier that are yet to come. I ain’t complaining coz he has agreed to get me my Kitchen Aid! Yippiedeedoo! My awesome friend from the US, Tony, helped me purchase some Kitchen Aid attachments from Amazon US as those items ship only within the US. So now, I’ve got the attachments but not the mixer. LOL. Talk about being kiasu. Once we sort out the paypal issue with the bank (some silly regulation), I’m getting the mixer of my dreams. I can now die cook in peace 😀

Oh, Whimsicaljottings also had its 1.5 seconds of “fame” in The Star, a Malaysian daily. Click here to read it.

I have been cooking up a storm and we’ve been entertaining quite a bit, so there are quite a number of pics and recipes which are yet to come. Argh, and I haven’t even posted up my Barcelona pics (like anyone even remembers :P). Stick around, they will be up! Better late than never as I always say 😀

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So sorry, it’s been ages since I wrote in here. Toooooo maaannny things to do arghhh. I decided to take a shortcut and compile the pics into aslideshow. So, without further ado, here’s a lowdown on our trip to Spain 🙂 

 The first picture you should see is the one captioned : Driving into France. Click on the square/arrow buttons on the pics to control/ have a look see at the slideshow.

Barcelona pics coming up next!

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