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Is there even such a thing? A hectic holiday? Well that’s how my holiday back in Malaysia is turning out to be! It’s almost the end of January 2011, and it’s only my first blog entry. It’s my own doing really.

I signed up for baking classes and I have classes once a week. On top of that, I have to REPRODUCE the cake that I have learnt at class that week for the following week’s class. In other words, I have homework! I questioned myself loads before signing up for these classes, thinking that I could just learn baking from books. But you see, I’ve always reproduced cakes from recipe books, and somehow they never turned out the way I wanted them to. That’s where the classes come in handy. My teacher teaches from scratch and assumes that her students know nothing. The right way to mix, the right way to fold in ingredients, how to prevent your cakes from becoming dense. Now I finally know the answer to my perennial problem of having a cake with a damp/sticky bottom!

The baking part is actually the easy part. Yup you that read that right. No cake is complete without icing. And THAT my friends, is the difficult part. I thought buttercream icing would be easy peasy. Well it’s not! It takes a LOT of practice. The first time I did my homework, replicating a cake we made at class, I was cursing like a sailor at home and yelling at everyone in sight. Teehee. Then again, I was in a rush, and one should never, ever, decorate cakes in a hurry. But woohoo, the following week, I made a cake which looked LOADS better. It’s all in the practice.

I also signed up for a whole-day hands on puff pastry class. Granted I had to drive to the other end of the world from where I live (fine, it was just Puchong, but DEEP inside Puchong, and it’s under Sepang municipality ok!), I totally enjoyed it! My classmates were all makcik-makcik (elderly ladies) but hey, who cares, I was there to learn. We learnt to make puff pastry from scratch, and I hope I have banished the Demon of the Failed Puff Pastry from my kitchen forever 😛

Dough resting

And thiiiis is how you work it

Beautiful layers of dough + butter = puff pastry

Let's make some little pies

Danish Windmill

Vol Au Vent

Final products - all from scratch!


Aren’t they absolutely beeeeyoootiful? I was dead tired from class that day which started at about 10am and lasted till about 6pm. But the end products are absolutely worth it.

Let’s hope I am able to successfully recreate them when I am back in Italy! 😛


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