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The fish and I





Ever had one of those days where you wondered what if, and what could have been?


It’s funny how life can give you roses and chocolates and cotton candy, and then the next day you get rotten fish.


It’s just one of those days for me. Rotten fish. You think you know how to keep the fish alive and well, and the next thing you know, it’s floating belly up, putrefying and turning the water it’s in all murky and cloudy, affecting all the other fish in the tank.


How do you keep the fish alive? You feed it, you nurture it, you change the tank water, maybe even talk to it. The fish may grow, slowly, albeit steadily. You and fish become good friends. You know what your fish likes to eat, and your fish is happy to eat off your hand. One day you decide to bring your friendship with Fish even closer, and you try to pat it gently. Fish turns around and bites you till it bleeds. And it bleeds really badly. You feel really hurt. Not because of the bleeding wound, but because you had trusted Fish. You thought that Fish was your Good Friend. Apparently not. Fish doesn’t trust you after all. It had only trusted you up to a certain level. Even that perhaps, was a “fake” sort of trust.


Do you try and nurture your friendship back with Fish? Or you leave it be? Leave it at that level where you just feed Fish from afar? Or maybe take one step back and be less friendly with Fish?




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You know you’re not “blogging regularly” when you forget the password to your own blog! 😛

No excuses this time, as I’m beginning to sound like a broken record.

The hubs is back home in Malaysia with me and now it feels like a Real Holiday. I’ve been pretty busy in the kitchen too 😉

Cake with butter icing & butter cream decorated made by yours truly

Fondant Teddy - totally edible 😉


Two tiered fondant cake - far from perfect, I need more practice.


And the most labourious product I have produced to date:

MOONCAKES! I am indeed lucky as my mother in law makes really nice mooncakes, and she was willing to teach me. She did mention a couple of times that it’s VERY labourious, and perhaps I wouldn’t be up to it. I guess she doesn’t know how kiasu and willful I can be 😛 If I set my mind on something, I don’t usually give up easily. Unless it involves math

It took me two days to make the mooncakes; one day for the filling, and the next day for the pastry. From henceforth, I will not pooh-pooh or question the high prices of mooncake especially homemade ones since everything is made from scratch without the aid of machinery and does not contain filler ingredients or preservatives.


So last Saturday, I spent almost the entire day in the kitchen making the lotus bean paste. Boiling, straining, blending, and the most tedious part, “mixing” / reducing the liquid to form a thick paste. One has to continuously stir over low heat else the paste gets burnt. And thus, I had to slowly stir this……


into this….

It took me a good 2.5 hours of non-stop stirring to get the paste to this viscosity. It wasn’t so much the time that was energy sapping, but the fact that the thicker the paste got, the HARDER it was to stir. In the end, I felt I was wrestling a python in the wok.

Mooncake mould


Unbaked mooncakes





Egg yolk mooncake


Not many people know how to make mooncake, and it took my mother in law several years to perfect her mooncake from trial and error, as no one with expertise on mooncakes would readily share their recipe and know how with others, especially since mooncakes is a relatively expensive delicacy. I feel really blessed that I have managed to learn it from her. Now I am bent on making it on my own without my mom-in-law’s help thus I can REALLY say that I MADE MOONCAKE. 😀

My cute mom-in-law wants to learn how to make fruit tarts from me, and I feel rather embarrased, to say the least, that she wants to learn something as simple as that from plain ol’ me 😉

And for those who are wondering, I’m afraid that I won’t be sharing the recipe for the mooncakes out of respect for my mother in law who has worked years to perfect this family recipe. But if any of you are interested in buying homemade, wholesome, made-from-scratch-filling-paste mooncake without preservatives or colouring, you can drop me a line and I’ll let my mom-in-law know. She is based in Klang and makes different type of mooncakes, and if you’re lucky, she’ll sell you some 😉 Let me perfect my own mooncakes, and the next time around, I’ll take orders too 😛

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