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Not literally! Thank God for that. 😛

The past 3 months I have been cooped up at home due to all the vomiting and general feeling of crapiness. Now that it’s much better, albeit the once a day puking (which I gladly accept over the whole day puking) I have been hit by the restless butt@ Itchy Tush @ travel bug.

The hubs and I try to visit different cities whenever we can, and being in Italy means LOADS of them. Just last weekend we visited this castle in a nearby town in Sassuolo where we were entertained by actors in medieval costumes reenacting the history of the castle. Granted that they used philosophical Italian for the most part, which led to me understand say, only about 60% of what they were saying, we enjoyed it nonetheless. Hubs company which organised this tour was thoughtful enough to have provided us with a knowledgeable tour guide who spoke in English. She really knew her stuff! One had only to point to a certain fresco on the wall/painting, and she’d spew out information like she had grown up knowing it all along. Can’t be all that easy being a tour guide can it? Having said that, I am always amazed at the intricacies and details that painters put into details. The frescoes were amazing and made me wonder how they manage to paint all that on walls and ceilings; I can barely paint on paper! 😛

This Thursday is a public holiday in Italy; Festa Della Republica, or basically the birth of the Italian republic. Hubs co closes on Friday and due to this, we get a nice long weekend! I have been pondering where to visit during this time, and somehow Salzburg in Austria caught my eye. When the hubster comes home tonight, we will make hotel reservations. I am suuuuper excited and looking forward to visiting the sites where The Sound of Music was shot in Salzburg and to see where Mozart lived! I grew up watching The Sound of Music, and heck, one of my earliest recollection is running around the house with a piece of paper that had symbols drawn on them by papa singing Doe-A-Deer, a female deer (Do-Re-Mi). That song was of course, from The Sound of Music. I must have been about 3 or 4, and being unable to read well, papa drew those symbols for me so I could memorize the song. I especially remember that sun symbol (Re-a drop of golden sun) 🙂 This trip would be especially meaningful and symbolic for me for this reason, and this Saturday, 4th of June would have marked papa’s 64th birthday, thus making it all the more special. *teary-eyed

I hope to post pictures of the place when I’m back, so bear with me 😉

On the pregnancy front, I am now sporting a little bump 😀 I am ever so thankful I bought a bunch of A-line babydoll tops from Malaysia as I just about live in them. Have gotten compliments on this particular green top/dress that I’ve been wearing, as it’s very summer/spring-ish, and each time I’m tempted to shout to the world that I only spent RM25/EUR6 on it 😀

I have not been sleeping well though, been having backaches. I think I need some sort of bolster or support. I tried the regular bolster that we have lying around, and it’s more of an annoyance because its simply too fat for me to hug. And no, don’t ask me to hug the hubs. He drools snores 😛

My appetite seems to have returned but I don’t quite like pasta and cooking is still quite a chore for me. I could be fine one minute and all queasy the next, hence I stick to cooking simple stuff like soups.

I also had a nuchal translucency test done and the results came out fine, thank you Lord. We saw bub waving his/her hand around and it was just amazing.

So ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, our little bub at 13 weeks and 3 days @ 21st May 2011.

It’s amazing how we’ve fallen in love with this little being without even knowing if it’s gonna be a boy or a girl, how he or she looks like, feels like, sounds like. I sometimes catch myself talking/singing to my belly. I’m sure he/she can recognize my voice by now. I sing Do-A-Deer and It’s a Small World while the hubs insists on singing his WRONG version of ABC. (I don’t know how his kindergarten got away with teaching kids an out of tune melody of ABC!)

Ahhhhh, for precious bubs, I am thankful. For the wonderful hubs, I am thankful. For the opportunity to see the world, I am thankful. Life is good 🙂

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We are three

And when the cheapest test in the pharmacy couldn’t convince me, I went out and bought the most expensive one.

Yup, it still says the same thing. 🙂

The pictures above were taken on March 15th. I am now 14 weeks along and still finding it surreal.

How has it been thus far? TOUGH.

At exactly 5 weeks on, the morning sickness  whole day sickness kicked in full force. I was still in Malaysia (and for those wondering where my husband was, YES he was back in Malaysia too to attend my sister’s wedding). 😛

The plane ride back to Italy was by far the worst experience EVER. I did not sleep a wink, and threw up no less than 5 times. I had the foresight to ask for an aisle seat, so I didn’t disturb fellow passengers. But I think the guy next to me got pretty freaked each time he saw me reach for the airsickness bag. I did manage to throw up in the toilet every time though. The air stewardess servicing my side of the aisle was less than helpful, and didn’t even bother asking if I was alright even though she saw me gagging and standing by the galley with the airsickness bag in hand. All she asked me was “No breakfast?” to which I shook my head. The smell of coffee and breakfast being served made me want to cry as I was (still am, actually) super sensitive to all sorts of scents.

The past month was one helluva roller coaster ride. I threw up everyday, from morning till night without fail. There was once or twice I threw up so much and couldn’t even keep down water, and was so weak I was lying down the entire day, and couldn’t even walk to the kitchen to get me some food. The husband, travelling as always wasn’t around to help out, and that made me feel shittier than ever. I would wake up like clockwork around 4am to throw up. 😦

It has since gotten a little better over the past 2 weeks. I still throw up every morning without fail, but at least that’s better than throwing up the entire day.

That said, I did throw up thrice today. Hmm. :/

I have not put on any weight, in fact, lost 3 kgs from my pre-pregnancy weight, and now am slightly under my pre-preggers weight. Sigh. When you wanna lose weight, nothing happens, and when you wanna put ON weight, nothing happens either! Funnily enough, though I’ve not put on weight, I have ditched my jeans as I am beginning to show a little and my usual clothes are too snug around the tummy making it hard for me to breathe!

My gyno checks back in Malaysia and Italy have revealed a perfectly healthy bub, and during the last scan we had last Saturday, we saw bub waving his/her arms around! The doctor even told us the sex of the baby 😀 At 13 weeks, that’s pretty early. Although I’m quite sure he’s right, I’m not revealing it yet till further scans confirm it. A number of people on Facebook have told me that their early scans have revealed different findings on different occasions. *roll eyes*

So there you have it, biggest news of 2011 (for me anyway 😉 ) I have not been updating simply because I had been feeling downright CRAPPY. Let’s hope I move away from pukey land soon. It’s about time! After all that rambling about me feeling crappy, let me set things straight; the hubs and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful for this little gift! Thank you Lord!

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Still here!

*Takes down cobwebs from blog*

Yes it has been a long time indeed. I had to reset my password to the blog simply because I had forgotten what it was. I am now back in Italy from my 3 month holiday in Malaysia.
LOADS have happened, and boy is there a lot to write. Gimme a few weeks, and I will share with all 3 of you out there who still read this blog 😉

I have been feeling under the weather and well, down, lately, and chanced upon this little gem of wisdom I found on Karen Cheng’s blog: 

The grass isn’t greener on the other side of the fence.

The grass is greenest where it is watered.


So, if you’re having a tough time, hang in there. Excuse me while I go water my grass/plants 🙂

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