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1. Sometimes, all it takes is a little EFFORT.

2. “Medication” can make you feel better, but “medication” can also kill you.

3. “Corny” is good. Only when it is the edible kind. Not the joke kind.

4. What does not kill you makes you stronger. I was almost “killed” before. I am stronger than most people think. Non dimenticare mai.

5. Bad tempers all around, tsk tsk. Ironic how it’s NOT from the pregnant woman 😉

6. So I am a SAHW. Got a problem with that? Deal with it.

7. If you call yourself educated, act and think like one.

8. I refuse to be dragged into anyone’s self-made web of negativity and crappiness.

9. I am a better person now. Thanks to that little person inside of me 🙂 Can you say the same about yourself?

10. When I look back, 20 years from now dear bub, I will have no regrets.





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I’ve been advised against writing ranty posts, but heck care, I’ll write what I want, when I want.


Been feeling absolutely crappy today. All in all, I’d say this has been a good pregnancy thus far, I am usually upbeat, cheerful and happy – rather uncharacteristically me 😛


Apart from the dreadful first few weeks where I had all-day sickness, I’ve been relatively free of mood swings, bad tempers and tantrums which are said to be very common in pregnancies due to all the changing hormones. I think the hubs has got off easily in this aspect 😛


However, the reason I have been feeling miserable is this : Food. Yes, those pregnancy cravings. I know for a fact that I have been trying with all my might NOT to think of food, and when an urge for a certain food hits me, I try to brush it off as much as I can. The first craving that hit me was at the end of my first trimester. I wanted rendang so badly, and having no ingredients for making rendang, I brushed the thought off. Till about 11pm at night. I was grouchy as heck and I finally went to the kitchen and made chicken curry instead and told myself “this is rendang, it tastes just like rendang” x100000 times.


Then onwards, no cravings hit. Except for the occasional love for green apples + asam (best combo EVAR), nothing major hit me. Till last week. I wanted root beer. Bah, just plain ol’ rootbeer you say? Grab it at the supermarket you say? Well, get this, THERE AIN’T NO FRIGGING ROOTBEER HERE. I’m not even asking for the icy cold ohhhh sooooo yummy A&W rootbeers. I’d be plenty happy with just a CAN of any generic rootbeer. But naa-ahhh. You can’t find rootbeer in Italy. Not where I am anyway. I googled it, and realized that rootbeer is simply not something that you find in Italy, unless you’re lucky enough to be living in a big city that has one of those supermarket selling foreign, imported items. So what did I do? I bought a can of Coke light to placate myself (you know, to CONVINCE myself that it tastes like rootbeer). This time it didn’t work. I took one sip and poured the rest into the toilet bowl. Did you know that Coke is so corrosive that some people actually use it to clean toilets. I digress.


Coke –> Rootbeer, FAIL.


And then today, of all the friggin things in the world, I couldn’t get CHUKA HOTATE off my mind. For the uninitiated, chuka hotate is basically marinated scallop frills served cold in Japanese restaurants. I never fail to order this when I’m at a Japanese restaurant.



Or, it could come like this:



To try to get rid of the images of chuka hotate off my mind, I ate two slices of bread + peanut butter, an apple, a glass of milk, 2 chocolate chip cookies. Nope, it was still at the back of my head. And that was at 10am in the morning. At about 3pm, I had lunch. I ate a place of rice with potatoes+peas+minced meat+acar (Indian pickles). I was full. I still am. But what’s on my mind? C H U K A  H O T A TE!




And no. The lousy Japanese restaurants here don’t have it. Japanese food here = SASHIMI, raw fish, soba, that’s all thank youverymuchpleasecomeagainOMGIWANNAKILLYOU.


Then in hopes of cheering myself up, I watched Everybody Loves Raymond on DVD. It never fails to cheer me up. Except today. Oh God, I hope its not an omen or God forbid a SIGN. SOBS.


This episode had Debra who was pregnant with twins annoucing to the family that they were expecting twin boys. Raymond’s mother is so happy, she tells Debra to “eat all you want, dear, because if a pregnant woman doesn’t get to eat what she wants, then the baby will get a birthmark the shape of the food she craved for”.


It sure opened the floodgates. I sobbed my eyes out, simply feeling sorry for myself, and for little bub. I’m sorry little bub, mommy tried, but this town doesn’t have anything. ANYTHING. Please don’t get a birthmark the shape of chuka hotate or a rootbeer can, or anything resembling the letters A and W. I promise you I’ll eat/drink all those things when we get back to Malaysia ok?


Feeling miserable is an understatement. Not only am I feeling miserable, I’m also feeling a little scared.


Sigh. Gimme a break already. I’m not even craving for unreasonable things like say, durian, or foie gras, or beggar’s chicken or sharksfin soup.


Just chuka hotate. And rootbeer.






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Dear baby,

I was supposed to write about my trip to Salzburg, Austria, but I guess you have become my first priority these days. Moreover, I can’t seem to resize my pictures on my wonky laptop, so we’ll just have to wait for daddy to come home to fix it (or just pinjam his laptop for a while). Right now, as I write this, I am at week 17, going into Week 18.

I was considering a gazillion times whether or not to post a picture of my bump in here, as I am quite the stickler for privacy, and well, mommy’s no supermodel. I’ve not posted any pictures of myself in this blog, not my face anyway, and this would be the first one. I chose this coz it isn’t too clear anyway 😛

That’s you in my belly at 16 weeks. The picture was taken on 7th June 2011. I am flabbergasted at how nature works. Though my belly is now showing, I have not put on a single kilo since my prepregnancy weight! Where did that bump come from??? I have been trying to eat more this week in hopes of seeing an increase in my weight, but no success thus far. My gynae says that it’s ok, and I shouldn’t be too worried about it as long as I’m eating and not losing weight! You know, baby, I might regret this whole wanting to put on weight thing once I further along in the pregnancy and feeling like a whale, and looking like one. So, when that day comes, I’m gonna dig up this post and bang my head on the wall. Haha.

Today, 19th June 2011, on Father’s Day, I felt a real, unmistakble strong KICK/THWACK in my belly. I take it as my first REAL kick/nudge from you, although you’ve been making some pretty unmistakable groovy moves in there since week 14 onwards.

Last week at Dr.Vecchi’s appointment, I saw you on screen and what was most amazing was I saw you lying quietly in there, and when Dr.Vecchi prodded my belly around to get a better look at the screen, I saw you raise your arm and cover your face! That, dear baby, was astounding. I guess you were feeling irritated in there, and your reflexes got you shielding your face. I’m sure you can now close your ears in irritation too when daddy sings you hear loud noises.

Mommy wants to say thank you for not making her puke so much anymore. The once or twice a week throwing up is MUCH better than the all-day, everyday throwing up horror that was the first trimester. However, mommy’s starting to get backaches, specifically on her tail bone (coccyx) which worries her as she had a bad, bad episode when she was in Form 5, in school. The pain was so bad then that your late grandpa had to take mommy to the orthopaedic surgeon and mommy had to endure an embarassing painkiller injection right at her tailbone. Now be a good little baby and try not to give mommy too much discomfort ok?

Daddy and I have been doing SO MUCH research and reading on baby development, baby items etc that mommy’s getting a little overwhelmed. Last week, we went to three different baby shops to look up specifications and prices of strollers and car seats. It’s just mind boggling! Mommy has been dilligently reading up reviews, emailing suppliers (in Germany!) and daddy has been watching Youtube clips on how these strollers function. We narrowed down our choice of strollers to the Bugaboo Cameleon, the Stokke Xplory and the Concord Neo. Bugaboo has these wonderful colours, and so does Stokke with their high position seating advantage, and the Concord offers the best of German sturdiness and practicality and looks pretty good to boot. Right now, we’re waiting for daddy to come back from his trip to Peru and then mommy and daddy will visit another shop or two outside of Modena before we finally make our decision / purchase. Over here, things need to be bought/ordered much earlier in advance as everyone goes on vacation at the end of July and August and stock would be impossible to get then. People may think that mommy’s doing things too early on, but heck care, mommy would rather be prepared earlier than be rushing at the last minute, especially since mommy leaves to Malaysia at the end of September! Now the 2 other major items that are left would be your wardrobe (daddy wants a big one!) so he can dump all his stuff in there buy lots of clothes for you 😉 and also, there’s the baby crib too.

Mommy’s all teary eyed now thinking if you would one day read these posts and understand how much we want the best for you, at so many levels, and though you may one day be a moody, disgruntled teenager saying no to everything and (God forbid) being irritated and hating your parents, you’d realize that we love you so very much, even before seeing you, and you mean the world to us.

Till the next post.


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Just a quick post. I have been feeling this strange sensation like bubbles popping just below my navel for the past 2 weeks (14 weeks onwards). At first, I thought it could just be gas, but by golly, it’s getting more frequent, and I’m pretty darn sure it ain’t gas. In fact, I have been getting a few “nudges” that are pretty strong, it can only be some POWERFUL gas if it is indeed gas, LOL.

So yes, I assume it’s bub moving about in there. 🙂 I get it most frequently after having dinner, and while sitting quietly watching TV or reading a book. And usually at nights. Oh gosh, I hope this does not mean that baby’s gonna be a night owl! *crosses fingers + toes

I am at 16 weeks today, and today, I was soooo wishing I had me some kiam chye soup 😦 *drools. And then I read about Spring Golden Char Siew (my fave!!!) at The Baby Steps of Life and I literally felt my saliva gathering in my mouth, I had to swallow >___< Sighhhhh. Why oh why can’t I crave for someting easily available like pasta or pizza??

I have been feeling much better lately, and I have started cooking again, but simpler stuff. Today, I made a nice grilled fish on banana leaves (all the way from Rome! from hub’s friend’s garden) and a nice fresh salad. For dessert, we had chilled lo han kuo with mata kucing. And then half an hour later, all my food graced the porcelain throne. :/ For some strange reason, I still throw up during different hours of the day. 2 days ago, I threw up my delicious Spaghetti Vongole dinner at 2 am.

This Saturday, the hubs and I will go check out some baby stores just for a look see. We’ve decided not to buy anything till the summer sales next month, but having a look at things should give us a better idea of what we should get apart from price range at the stores.

And ohhhH!!! We have officially bought bub’s first clothing item! 😀 It’s an adorable little…..ahhh wait and see what we bought coming up in my next post, heh 😉 It’s a simple item really, but oh so cute, to us anyway. Baby also received his/her first gift from hubs friends who were visiting from Singapore.

I’ve yet to write about our trip to Salzburg, but OMG trust me when I say I have been having the crappiest computer luck lately. Nearly killed my laptop, and hubs had to reformat the whole thing. I lost all 6 years worth of pictures and documents. 😦 😦 And then I think I may have nearly killed hubs new uglyass canggih 1500EUR gaming computer simply by switching it on. It’s like I’ve been Midas lately, except everything I touch goes kaput! So fingers crossed, pictures should be up soon.

In the meantime, I have restarted Italian lessons, and I am GUNG HO about really learning before bubs arrives and I’d have to bid arriverderci to my life social life.

The bed is a-calling now, and I hope I dream of all things nice like puppies and char siew and satay and loh mai kai and char siew pau and mutton curry and rasam and fried pavaka.


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