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(Not so)little bub turned 20 weeks two weeks ago in utero. I was SO nervous before the scan, hoping quietly that all would be ok, especially since I wasn’t gaining much weight.

As soon as the doctor placed the probe on me, we could immediately see bub wriggling away in there. I could see the feet clearly, and had to stop myself from squealing, but unfortunately the hubs couldnt see what it was. I wonder if he would recognize an elephant if I placed one in front of him.Β  πŸ˜›

The doctor monitored the heart and head the most, and he mumbled that all was ok with bub. He’s a strange, eccentric doctor this one, but apparently the best in scans throughout Modena. My primary gynaecologist is a different lady doctor, but even she directed me to this doctor, let’s call him Dr.M for my scans. Apparently practically the whole of Modena sees him for scans. Man, he must be sleeping on a nice bed of moolah. Our 15 minute scan cost us EUR200.

Anyway, so much for Dr.M. All I care about is bub. As at week 20, I had gained about 2kg, and was hovering at about 49-50kg. I asked him about it, and he said that it’s fine as long as bub is growing well.



πŸ˜€ Check out that arm covering the face. Bubs was in a normal lying position, but when the doctor prodded my tummy further to get a clearer view, bub instinctively raised an arm and covered the face! How cute is that.


The doctor persisted and prodded my belly even more, much to hubs chagrin, as he was worried that the doctor would hurt bubs (HAH what about the mommy whose tummy is being poked on, no one cares about the mommy anymore). And we were greeted with this:



It looks like a Let’s PARTAYYYY kinda pose, what with both arms above the head doesn’t it πŸ˜‰Β But then I realized that’s pretty much how I sleep, with both arms above my head. Maybe bubs takes after me in that aspect. But from what we can see, bubs has the hubs nose with a high bridge. I have a button nose, and I doubt a button nose would show up prominently like bubs.


On a different note, I’m happy to report that this is ONE ACTIVE baby I’m carrying. I feel strong movements when I’m hungry, when I’ve just eaten, when I’ve drank something cold, and also when I change positions while sleeping. That’s pretty much movements ALL the time. In fact I feel the bumpity bumps right as I write this. Sometimes I worry I’m squashing bub when I’m sleeping, and I do try to make a conscious effort to sleep on my left side. But the back aches too much and I have to switch positions after some time.


As I write this, I am at Week 22, and am at 51 kgs after all that eating in Germany. Our trip to Germany was LOVELY. I ate so much and was sooooo glad to have had lamb almost everyday. It’s my favourite and unfortunately lamb is hard to come by in Modena.


Bubs is behaving and not making me crave for anything else thus far, and I couldn’t be happier. Craving for something and not getting it is TORTURE. I still have my stock of rootbeer in the fridge, and am cauuuuutiously consuming it for fear of a sugar overdose. Ironic though, that it’s the hubs who would eagerly offer to open a bottle for me. We all know why, don#t we πŸ˜‰


My next doctor’s appointment should be at the end of July, but I’m in no hurry to see herΒ since bub’s all fine and dandy. I just might postpone it to August instead. We’ll see.


In the meantime, what does bub look like to you? A girl or a boy? Go on and take a guess πŸ˜‰



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A quick post for posterity’s sake πŸ˜‰



The little Lamaze toy is from hub’s ex-colleagues/friends from Singapore who were visiting Italy a couple of weeks ago. We drove them to Verona and Mantova, and baby received his/her first gift ever.


The little white Benetton top was something that the hubs and I simply couldn’t resist getting. The bling font was just too adorable to pass up.Β I just love whiteΒ on babies. This top is officially the first item that hubs and I have purchased for bubs πŸ™‚



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Look at what I got from New York πŸ˜‰

9 bottles of A&W rootbeer.

One bottled immediately chilled in the freezer when the hubs got home, and downed in this 36 degree celcius heat, tasted just.absolutely.divine.

Oh, I got me some items from Sephora too, a Bobbi Brown foundation and some Clinique moisturizer. Would have been better if I had gotten that Nars blusher. πŸ˜›Β  And who cares about Coach bags when Prada from Milano is just like a hop and skip 2 hours away from my house. Ahem. πŸ˜‰

The sister and brother-in-law arrive from Malaysia in 2 days time, and she’s got some Super Ring snacks for me YUMS. We leave for a trip to Germany on Wednesday and get home on Sunday. I hope the weather’s cooler there than it is in sweltering hot Modena.

Now that I’ve gotten my oh-so-elusive root beer, I hope the cravings stay far, far away. I have been thinking about asam laksa lately, but so far, I’ve managed to keep it off my mind. Fingers crossed πŸ˜‰


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A quick update. Don’t worry, it’s not gonna be a snarly one. The hubs has been away for the past 3 weeks. He’s in Peru and today he flies to the States for work, so hey, if he’s not gonna hear me rant, this blog will! πŸ˜‰


I’m at the end of week 19 of this pregnancy, and on Tuesday, I hit 20 weeks which is officially HALFWAY through the pregnancy journey.


OMG. Where did all the time go????


I have been having heartburn lately, and it seems to be getting worse. When it first started, I used to down some milk whenever I felt that burning sensation in my chest, and it worked. But now, it doesn’t work anymore 😦 It really is the most uncomfortable thing. I’m trying not to resort to antacids to relieve this, and I hope it doesn’t worsen else I just might cave.


What else, ah yes, the dreaded backache. I really feel like an old woman now. I wrote in one of my previous posts about my tail bone (coccyx) pain that I used to have as a teenager. Now I feel it again, and what’s scarier, each time I stand up after being seated, I feel this “click” like sensation at the coccyx, almost as if the bone’s coming “loose”. Scary I tell ya.


I have been having the weirdest dreams too. I tend to dream a lot of my late dad, and these dreams are usually quite warm and pleasant. The other day I dreamt that papa and I were in my clunky old car, and papa was driving, and as we approached a traffic light, it turned orange, and quickly turned red. Papa went all pedal to the metal (learnt this term from my cousin Mark :P) while grinning. We beat the red traffic light, and I was chiding papa, and he was laughing, and next thing we knew, a policeman stopped us and slapped us with a saman (summons/ticket). Papa laughed it off saying, “Aiya, saman only lah!”. πŸ™‚ I dreamt of our fishing trips too many times. One of my best loved school holiday activities back then was going fishing with papa. He’d bring us to the weirdest spots, like some clear river in the middle of an oil palm plantation and we’d be all ready with pails and rods and worms for bait. Don’t forget the worms! How many girls you know aren’t squeamish with earthworms πŸ˜‰ Well, sis and I weren’t. We’d pour soap water in our backyard and then frantically dig the soil to find the wriggly worms.


Yesterday though, I had a scary dream. I dreamt of Dobby, that not exactly cute character from Harry Potter. Except in this dream, there were 5-6 Dobbies, and they were all dead and rotting, and floating around in a room around me. I could see the flesh putrefying on it’s body and I was just stuck in that room, petrified and helpless.


I am usually a very “rigid” sleeper. In fact, when I was a kid, I was told that I freaked my sister out many a time due to my corpse like position when I sleep. Hands clasped together while I sleep on my back. And I wouldn’t toss and turn. At all. Now, it’s a totally different story. I realized I have been rolling around in bed so much as it has gotten SO HARD to sleep. Well, since the hubs isn’t here, it isn’t too bad. When he comes home, he and I are both gonna have a tough time sleeping!


On a different note, the sister and the brother in law arrives in Europe in a couple of days for their honeymoon. They will be following the hubs and me to a friend’s wedding in Germany before spending a few days in Modena. I have yet to clean out the guest room, and the whole house is a mess. I hate sorting through all my clothes, as I have to put away all the winter/spring clothes and keep away the summer clothes that I can’t fit into (almost all!). That means I have to put away almost ALL my clothes, and it’s such a nuisance.


I am itchy to do so many things at once, but I realize once I start something I get really tired quickly and then I tend to abandon whatever I’m doing and lie down to read/rest/nap. I’ve been wanting to bake, but there isn’t anyone apart from me to eat the baked goodies! Besides, although my appetite has returned, I am still quite averse to many foods and just seeing those things in my kitchen tends to make me go all Blearghhhh and there goes my cooking/baking plans. For some reason, I can’t stand pasta! I’m practically living on bread and rice and other sources of protein for nutrition. My weight, sigh, my weight, has barely gone up 2 kilos, and here I am at 5 months of pregnancy. I have my bigΒ 20 week fetal anomaly scan coming up next week, and I *PRAY* that everything goes well, and bubs is a good size.


Can you believe it, I’m tired already after writing this entry. I feel like a real grandma I tell you! “I need to nap now”.



P.s. : To the hubs who may be reading this, please get me my A&W rootbeer from the States. I don’t need Coach bags, or perfume or cosmetics from Sephora, just ONE BIG BOTTLE of rootbeer.


P.P.S: To the ladies who are reading this, please comment/tell my other half how it’s a MUST for women to get their husbands to buy them Coach and goodies from Sephora in the US, and that he’s ONE LUCKY dude to be having me ask for JUST A ROOTBEER πŸ˜› Kthxbye.


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