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The first 2 months

Wow. Where do I even begin.

Leah turned two months old just 3 days ago, and this is only my second post.

This is some journey indeed.

I had a roller coaster confinement period at my in laws place. Why roller coaster? Coz I had ups and downs. The biggest challenge was simply staying in a house I am not accustomed to, and the noise and heat that came with it. Coupled with a fussing baby, it drove me to tears some days. There really is no place like one’s own home. That said, I was glad to have help in the form of a live in helper who did Leah’s laundry (COUNTLESS poopy nappies), and a mother in law who cooked nourishing food for me. It would have been a perfect confinement period if we were all living in a bigger house that wasnt so hot or noisy! I have to be honest and say that I got a little upset at the hubs many times. I was envious that he could still go out jogging, playing badminton and having mamak sessions while I was literally cooped up 24/7 handling shitty diapers and a crying and fussing baby all the time, and well, I needed all the help I could get. I am glad to announce though, that he’s doing a lot better now. Diaper duty isnt his favourite, but at least he’s willing to do it unlike the beginning. Now that Leah’s showing her personality, cooing and smiling loads, I feel that Daddy is more willing to participate and help out. Thanks love. She is after all half you (and heck, she LOOKS like you hrmmmpphh). Dads out there who don’t participate in their child’s upbringing don’t know what they’re missing out on. A baby is only a baby once.

The first few weeks after Leah’s birth was the toughest time in my life. Having had a C-section, I was in a lot of pain. Being the stubborn mule that I am, I did not take a single painkiller that was prescribed to me because I did not want any of it in my breastmilk. Breastfeeding too started out really rocky. I’m glad I got off to a better start by deciding to call in the help of a lactation consultant. At home, Leah wanted to latch on ALL the time. I was so zombified, it just made things even harder. Trying to sit up all the time to feed her was tough, as it hurt my scar like a b***h. To make matters worse, I was having a really bad cough, and each time I coughed, I could feel the stitches sorta expanding, and it was so painful my tears would well up. I guess its a good thing that God gave me a high tolerance for pain.

There were some nights where Leah would want to feed every half an hour to an hour. Day and night. I was sore, tired as hell and cranky as a cow. I was literally counting down the days till Leah reached 30 days old (fullmoon). Thankfully that day arrived (not) so soon enough.

We had a full moon party/dinner at Imperial Restaurant in Klang.

Leah at her full moon party

Today, Leah is a bubbly 2 month old baby who’s grown so much. At 6 weeks, she gave her first social smile, smiling and cooing back at us. Its much better now that she’s gotten into sort of a routine. She needs to be swaddled to sleep else her arms flail around and she wakes herself up. She loves her baths, and is a contented little bug in the tub. She feeds every 2 hours or so, and at nights, she goes back to sleep after her feeds unlike the initial days where she’d fuss to high heavens. The only time she really cries is when she gets the occasional colicky/gassy bout. She cries in pain and it sometimes makes ME tear. Her paed has suggested Dentinox and it seems to be working so far.

She’s gone from a tiny 2.66kgs at birth to a nice 5.3kgs as of yesterday. I can’t help but swell with pride when people comment on how chubby she’s gotten, coz she’s 100% on mommy’s milk!

Here are some recent pictures of the little princess.

Yes. I’m in love.

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