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Blessed X’mas

Christmas, isn’t Christmas till it happens in your heart…..


And this year, I may be home for Christmas, but the house is “empty”. The spark, the livewire that has always been my father isn’t around anymore. I hope it is way merrier up there pa. I miss you.


Happy Christmas dear readers. It’s a time for family. Not presents, not clothes, not friends. It should be about family. Always.



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Have you ever had one of those days where you feel really blessed? I had one of those days yesterday. I had a marvellous cappuccino with some new friends, and as we sat in the sun, with the chilly air on our faces, sipping the most amazing cappuccino that somehow, only Italy manages to produce, I thanked God.

How many times have we complained and wished for the unending material goods that always appeal to that greedy side of ours? If I have an apartment, I wished I had a big house with a garden instead. I may wear a pair of jeans in size S, but when I see tall, gorgeous women sashaying in their stilettos, I wished I were size XS and perhaps 15cm taller. I have a head full of thick black hair, but when I see women with cascading, silky hair, I wished I had less of a bush on my head and more of a styled, fresh-from-the-salon mane. I may not be working, and when I see women in their smart power suits, looking all corporate, I wished I had a (glamorous) job.

And then I turn on the news and see children starving. I watch Slumdog Millionaire and I thank God I have a roof over my head, nevermind a house with a garden. I see medical programs where people need organ transplants, where little people afflicted with dwarfism have a 25% chance of having an unviable pregnancy, and I feel ashamed for wanting to be a size XS, for wanting to be taller. I go on to Facebook to see many of my friends lamenting over work stress, bosses from hell, and I feel guilty for not appreciating what I have; a husband who provides and enables us to live on one income.

I must say I still wish for a head full of cascading, glossy, manageable hair 😛

Living here for the past 2 years has made me appreciate everything on a greater scale. Funnily enough, it was in Malaysia when I had the spending power to purchase shoes, clothes, makeup. It was in Malaysia that I lived more extravagantly, dining out all the time, going to the movies, painting the town red with close friends.

I live much more simply now. We don’t eat out so often, save for the occasional pizza and Mc’Donalds. I don’t remember the last time I went shopping for clothes. And now, painting the town red, to ME, means an extra glass of wine. At home 😛

But I’m happy. Happier than I have ever been. 🙂

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Say hello to my new best friend Lola. She’s the reason I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for quite a bit now. Isn’t she absolutely beautiful?

Lola is a 90th Anniversary Limited Edition KitchenAid Stand Mixer. The first time I saw this particular Candy Apple Red KitchenAid was in John Lewis, Cardiff. I fell in love with it instantly. I had always wanted an Imperial Red mixer, but this one in Candy Apple Red just took my breath away. It has this sheen to it that makes it different from the Imperial Red.

I found a good deal online, and after literally years of contemplating, I bought it. Or rather, the hubs bought it for me 😀 I have since effortlessly made some cakes with it, and oooohhh my, the KitchenAid really makes it effortless, as it works like a dream. I made a looooovely marble bundt cake with it, and although the hubs was away travelling, and I was alone at home, I baked, and since the recipe yields a lot (one bundt tin and one loaf tin), I had to eat it all by myself! And I didn’t get tired of it! Of course I kept it in the fridge and ate a slice 2-3 slices a day. In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve been working out for at least 40 minutes 3-4 times a week to burn off all that extra calories I’ve been ingesting. I haven’t broken the scales yet.

Go on and admire my KitchenAid won’t you? 😉

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I’m *this* close to breaking out in sobs right now 😦

I went for a looooong overdue haircut today. My last haircut was on 20th May 2009 when I was in Malaysia :/ I have put off going to the hairdresser’s for as long as I could due to the language factor as well as the fact that one needs to make an appointment first before going to the hairdresser’s.

So a couple of months back, while I was still juggling with my driving lessons at the driving school, I saw this new salon open just next door to the driving school. This salon is not your usual salon. It was a Chinese (from China) salon. I didn’t think much of it until about a few weeks back when we received some promotional flyers from this salon. They charge about 12EUR for a cut and blow, about half the price of a normal Italian salon.

The past 1-2 weeks have been quite hot, and my hair that was almost reaching my elbows bothered me so much that I decided to bite the bullet and just go cut my hair. I made the mistake of  going to the aforementioned cheapo salon 😦 😦

It was filthy, there was hair all over, the hair brushes were clogged with hair, the counter was messy with all kinds of products strewn all over. I was already in there, and just SHOULD have run away, but I didn’t. There were 3 guys in there, one was glued to his laptop, and another 2 just didn’t seem all too bothered. He asked if I wanted to layer my hair, to which I agreed.

And now I look as if my 11 year old sister had cut my hair 😦  The supposed “layers” he gave me are all choppy and uneven. I didn’t want him to repair it as I was terrified that he would cut MORE of my hair off and leave me with short AND ugly hair.

And now I have ugly choppy hair that looks even worse when I tie it up!


Do you see the uneven length???


Look how choppy and jagged the ends are!! 😦

Serves me right for being cheap. As my dad used to say, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Except in this case I think even a monkey looks better than me 😦

I miss Grace Salon. I miss A Cut Above. I miss Peek-A-Boo. Heck I even miss the regular ol’ hairsalons in Malaysia 😦

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Yesterday marked our two years of being married. Where the heck did all that time go??? I’m ageing faster than you can say Ineedbotox 😛 The hubs was in Latvia for work the past week,  and arrived home at midnight. He was tired. I wasn’t feeling well. It was a simple “Happy-Anniversary” affair.

This morning, I drove to the post office with him in tow, but he had already guessed that I was gonna drive to the post office to pick up his gift that had arrived from the US. I got him this as a gift, seeing how much he loves his wine. It is a highly acclaimed wine aerator that makes wine “breathe” without the use of a cumbersome decanter. My friend Tony helped me post it from the US. Thanks Tony! I got taxed a frigging 10.40EUR for it though. Friggin’ customs/Italian government/thieves/*$&%$*%   I wonder what criteria they use on deciding to tax an item. My Kitchen Aid attachments came in a box that was 5 times the size of this, and I didn’t get taxed for it.

Anywayyy, the hubs surprised me with a present too. Totally didn’t expect it. He’s gonna bring me for a 3 week trip to Malmo in Sweden next month! It coincides with some training programme that he has to attend, so we get to stay at the Hilton 😀 Not that’s its a huge deal, hotels in Europe are nowhere as fancy as the ones in Asia, I always wonder why. Then again, I’m grateful to be able to stay at the Hilton as opposed to some other ordinary hotel. Thank you babes!

I’m glad that I will be able to escape the crazy heat in August. Summer here can be hotter than in Malaysia. Once or twice last year, it hit 40 degrees celcius. Malmo is a nice city I’ve heard, multi-ethnic too, and hubs has already planned to bring me to this Thai restaurant that he says is quite good. OMG THAI FOOD I love thee. There are malls nearby too, and woot, I’m excited already. If Malmo turns out to be THAT good, we may one day decide to live in Sweden instead, heh. The company HB works for is Swedish anyway, and he may have an option to transfer there someday if we want to. For the time being, I’ll put up with the language barrier, crazy drivers, hamsap men, lunatic neighbours and boring lovely pasta that makes Italy, Italy. 🙂

Two years have passed soooo very quickly babes. Here’s to many more years of happiness together! Ti amo.

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Ever since I arrived in Italy almost 2 years ago, I had been cooking in the hub’s ONE saucepan, ONE frying pan, and ONE 2 liter pot. It drove me nuts especially when cooking Asian food, as it was so difficult frying rice, noodles etc without a wok. Soups were a pain too as I had to fit everything into the tiny 2 liter pot, and many a time I grumbled to the hubs about this.

Then, my unbeatable mum bought me a wok in Malaysia. Thing is, the wok was a Tefal Pyrex, and get this, it is made in Italy. 😀 So the made-in-Italy wok arrived in our Malaysian shores, was bought by a Malaysian woman for her daughter who so happens to live in Italy. I lugged that wok in my suitcase back to Italy by the way 😀 I think by now, most of you readers know how crazy I am when it comes to my food. It passed through the security checkpoint just fine and I stopped grumbling about the absence of a wok.

Then I noticed that our the hub’s 2 liter pot was rusting at the sides. Oh joy! Finally a great excuse reason to buy a new pot. I did all the reading one could do about pots and cookware, and I discovered the wonder of the Le Creuset. Le Creuset is a French brand known for its high quality cast iron cookware items and dates backs to 1925. The beauty of cooking with cast iron cookware is that it has excellent heat retention and is great for long-cooking stews and braised dishes. The most famous Le Creuset product range would have to be their Dutch oven/cocotttes which is basically a casserole with a tight/close fitting lid. Le Creuset produces their cookware in a range of colours, and I totally fell in love with the red range as my kitchen has a white and red theme. However, Le Creuset’s signature colour would be Flame (orange). There is a lifetime warranty on Le Creuset too, so if  any defects were to appear on your pot that is not caused by misuse, Le Creuset would replace your pot, free of charge.

I was lucky enough to discover that the only Le Creuset store in Italy was a mere 45 minute drive from my house 🙂 So I announced to the HB that we’re getting some new cookware as I was tired of cooking and entertaining with such miserable and tiny cookware. So off we went to the outlet store in Fidenza Outlet Mall. And boy oh boy was I lucky, as the red range was on 20% discount! After much deliberation and suggestion by the very nice French lady there, I decided on the 29cm (4.7 liter/ 5 quart) Oval Casserole in Red. The lady then told me that sadly, the shop will be closing down for good in a couple of weeks time and there would probably be another sale during that period.

My 29 cm Oval Le Creuset

My 29 cm Oval Le Creuset

I tried a Bolognese pork loin recipe to inaugurate my new pot, and I loved the result. The meat was tender and moist, and I could not have achieved those results with my regular pot. I am going to try another recipe soon with my pot in the oven. Yes, you can even use the pot in the oven till a maximum temperature of 190 degrees celcius. So technically, one can actually bake breads and cakes in there too 🙂

So after a few weeks, I phoned the nice saleslady at Le Creuset and she told me that everything in the shop was at a 30% discount, and there would probably be a further markdown that very weekend to mark the first day of sales in Italy. I got as excited as heck and charmed persuaded the hubs to make another trip there. When we got there, the lady said that her boss had decided to keep prices as they were at a 30% discount, and so, there was no further reduction in price. Oh, but it was ok with me. I had gotten my eye on a nice saucepan the first time we were there, and this time around, it was all sold out 😦 So I didn’t get that. There was a Brazilian lady in there the same time we were, and boy, she was snapping up just about everything. I got a little nervous that she would snap up what I wanted (stock was low as everything was being cleared out), that I decided pretty quickly on what I wanted minus the dawdling about. I picked a 20 cm Round Casserole in Flame. I chose Flame coz after all, it is their signature colour. Kinda like how people buy a Louis Vuitton Speedy coz it’s a must have. 😛 I digress. So this is a slightly smaller/regular sized pot compared to my bigger oval one, perfect for 2-3 portions. Seeing the Brazilian lady snapping up the items off the shelf made me feel like I should get something else too 😛 and so I chose a Rectangular 32cm grill in black, as it was the only colour they had left. Looks like I will be grilling more often now 🙂 I’m gonna call up the store a few days before they close for good and *hope* that perhaps there’s gonna be a further discount going on. I was told by a friend that a Le Creuset pot in Malaysia is in the four digit range in Ringgit, so I am thankful that I can buy it for less than half the price here at the outlet store.

Oval Dutch Oven, Round Dutch Oven & Grill

Oval Dutch Oven, Round Dutch Oven & Grill

I used to snicker at the thought of “changing” with age, but here I am, blogging about freaking pots and cookware. My Jimmy Choos have been relegated to the back of my closet, and I hardly bat an eye at the mention of Louis Vuitton anymore. But look at me salivating over pots. Just like how my mum was Tupperware crazy. Ageing does weird things to one, I tell ya.

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…..earning a living based on blogging alone, I think I would have starved to death a long time ago 😛

I ask myself, how can I be a stay-at-home-wife and have SO MANY things to do?? I don’t have the answer in case you’re wondering. In any case, I’m glad as I have lots of things to keep me occupied.

What has happened since I last wrote? Oh, it’s stale news by now, but I PASSED MY DRIVING EXAM! I have an Italian driving license now, and I can drive legally throughout the E.U. 😀 The test itself was rather anti-climatic. My examiner was a woman, which I thought spelt doom, as I’ve always felt that women are more observant and strict where everything is concerned. My driving teacher sat on the passenger seat beside me, and the examiner sat at the back. The teacher and the examiner were gossipping about some other person, and occasionally she would softly say “svolta adestra, svolta sinistra” (turn right, turn left). I had to strain my ears to hear her. Before the exam, my teacher told me that the examiners normally ask students to carry out more right turns than left turns, but oh-boy, my examiner made me do many left turns at the traffic light. If you are wondering, left turns at traffic lights are not the same as in Malaysia.

Picture credits to zizio.it

Picture credits to zizio.it

This is how it works. You see, in the image above, Vehicle B and Vehicle P have got the traffic lights green on their sides. Vehicle L and Vehicle D have got the red lights. The thing is, in Malaysia, let’s say P has a green light to turn right, B will NOT be able to turn left. It’s different here. The vehicle who has the right side free has precedence. As such, P goes first and then B even though BOTH of them have green lights. This isn’t so scary. The scariest bit is if P wants to go straight and B wants to turn left. Ugh, the first time the hubs did this maneuver, I swear I screamed and closed my eyes >___< The right way to do this is for B to move forward to the middle of the junction and wait for P to pass before continuing to turn left. And no, B cannot remain at its spot while waiting for P to go straight ahead; B must wait in the middle of the junction. Scary shit I tell you. My heart still thumps like crazy whenever I do this 😛 It’s ultra scary especially when the roads are narrow, and you wait in the middle of the road thinking the oncoming car is gonna bang right into you coz the road is so narrow. Ok, enough about this already, I bet you’re confused 😀

And if you thought I passed coz my examiner was chummy with my driving teacher, well you thought wrong! The student after me flunked coz, get this, he was being too careful and driving too slow! *wipes beads of sweat off forehead*

So there, another adventure in Italy completed. I spent close to EUR1k for this; lessons, tests, taxes and what not. Tsk tsk.

What else is new? Ah yes, the hubs made his first splurge in my X years of knowing him.  He bought two Bowers&Wilkins 683 speakers for the house. These two speakers can buy me 3 Kitchen Aid mixers. And it’s not even including the CD player and amplifier that are yet to come. I ain’t complaining coz he has agreed to get me my Kitchen Aid! Yippiedeedoo! My awesome friend from the US, Tony, helped me purchase some Kitchen Aid attachments from Amazon US as those items ship only within the US. So now, I’ve got the attachments but not the mixer. LOL. Talk about being kiasu. Once we sort out the paypal issue with the bank (some silly regulation), I’m getting the mixer of my dreams. I can now die cook in peace 😀

Oh, Whimsicaljottings also had its 1.5 seconds of “fame” in The Star, a Malaysian daily. Click here to read it.

I have been cooking up a storm and we’ve been entertaining quite a bit, so there are quite a number of pics and recipes which are yet to come. Argh, and I haven’t even posted up my Barcelona pics (like anyone even remembers :P). Stick around, they will be up! Better late than never as I always say 😀

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One year

Dear pa,

I have thought of writing a poem about you, an ode if you will. I have always loved writing poems, I think you know that. This time though, it wasn’t easy. In fact, I just couldn’t do it. It’s just too hard.

It has been exactly one year since you left us. And I still feel like it was yesterday. I remember what I wore to the hospital, I remember the rain, I remember everything.

I remember how your last words to me were “I love you darling”. I remember how much you suffered pa. I remember crying by your bedside and hoping to God that I could switch places with you, and bear your pain. I remember telling you that it’s ok to let go.

I remember much more than that pa.

I remember you making me my fancy dress costume. Who can forget that petrol pump you built that won us the first prize. My friends still remember it now. I was only 5. I remember you had to hire a pick-up truck to transport that humongous thing to school.

I also remember you teaching me my first song, Do-A-Deer. I remember holding that sheet of paper and singing it while running up and down the house.

How can I not remember that day when mama got so mad at me for not being able to draw that mangosteen. I remember I was about to be smacked, and there you were, you stepped into the room and I looked at you, literally my saviour. I didn’t get any smacks that day.

I remember pa, how you taught me to draw those frogs for the school exhibition. Do you remember, I chose that poem Twenty Froggies, and you taught me how to draw it. How proud I was when that poster was chosen to be displayed at school for a visit by some Japanese guests.

I remember so many things pa. But I cannot write more. Its the tears. Darn them tears.

How are you keeping pa? Is the air-cond always on up there? Or I reckon they dont need it there? I wonder if you get to eat your favourite mutton curry with acar. And lots of “karevade” at the side. Or maybe you have a steamboat pot 🙂 to share with grandma and grandpa.

Do you get lots of plants up there. Maybe you have a nursery again. Or better still, the tomato plants. Who can forget the tomato plants. Darn these tears.

I miss you so much pa. I dream of you just about every single day. They say time heals. I don’t know if it works for me.

You added so much colour into our lives. It’s a little drab now, here.

We miss you pa. I hope you have some nice friends up there, ones that can appreciate your jokes. We miss those too. I miss them. But most of all, it’s you that I miss. You.

Your daughter, always.

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Yes, I passed the test 🙂 For those of you who were wondering, it was the theory test for my driving license. I have been going to classes and practising the test sheets since December. Its not as easy as one may think. Firstly, the rules and regulations here are different, but that wasn’t my biggest problem. The difficult part was that I sat for the English version of the test. And boy oh boy are the translations WEIRD or what!

For example:

only cars in lane c can turn left…
cars in lane c can only turn left…

They have totally different meanings, and are translated wrongly!


A question referring to the yellow and black “no parking” markings on the curb; the Italian version will say “giallo e nero” and in the English it will say “white and black” or vice versa. Totally wrong!

Anyway, I learnt that to be absolutely sure, one must read both the English and Italian versions. No easy feat if you’re new to the language.

It didn’t help that the morning I was supposed to sit for the test, there was a blizzard in town, and supposedly the town hadn’t seen that much snow since 1918!! Just my luck huh? The entire town was thrown into chaos, and the hubby had a tough time trying to get his car out of the knee-high pile of snow. We drove through ice and snow and I was praying that we’d get to the driving school in one piece, and that the hubby reaches his office safely.

We got to the driving school safely, and they brought us to the “Motorizzazzione” (Traffic Authority) for the actual test. There, I waited for about 3 hours before I got to take the test. And of course, out of the many computers in there, mine wasn’t working. By that point, I was sure that the Gods were against me, and I was going to fail for sure. Snowstorm, 3 hour wait (and me wanting to use the bathroom badly, but was afraid to go coz I was sure they were gonna call my name at any time), and the darned PC not working. I raised my hand and the invigilator brought me to another PC that was finally working.

I put in my magnetic card into the slot and after some explanation by the invigilator to the whole group of students in the exam room, we began the test. I didn’t get any tricky questions, and the hard topics which I had memorized for (insurance rulings, car maintenance etc) were nowhere in sight. We are allocated 30 minutes for the test. I finished the test in about 5 minutes and spent the next 10 minutes checking my answers against the Italian translation. Once I felt confident enough, I confirmed my answers and handed in my card to the invigilator and I left the room.

Exam room at Motorizzazzione Civile

I waited another 15 minutes or so (STILL wanting to use the bathroom!) for them to call us back in to announce the results. The invigilator read out our names off the sheet in alphabetical order. Those who passed got an IDONEO remark (meaning eligible/fit/pass) and those who failed got a RESPINTO remark along with the number of errors. One is allowed a maximum of 4 errors out of 30 questions. And phew, thankfully I passed. 🙂 I hurriedly took the picture above with my mobile phone, just for fun.

I will register for the practical driving lessons hopefully this week. It costs a freaking 13EUR for only 20 minutes. I hope that it goes well, and that soon I will be able to take the practical driving test and get my license and not have to trudge through rain, sleet and snow to get to places when the car is parked just outside our apartment!

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So, not only am I celebrating Chinese New Year alone, it also happens to be Valentine’s Day. The Chinese have this belief that how you spend your new year will be how the rest of your year turns out to be. So, if you’re alone and miserable on Chinese New Year, you will be alone and miserable the rest of the year. Well, I may be alone, but thankfully I’m not miserable.

Last year, the hubs was home and I made us some (supposedly) auspicious noodles. This year, since I was alone, I just rummaged through my cabinets and used the next item which was expiring soon. And that was Rendang Adabi. 😀 While the folks in Malaysia have bak kwa and yee sang for Chinese New Year, I had rendang and rice. I’m not complaining, as the rendang was delicious! Much, MUCH better than the Brahim’s rendang that I grumbled about some time ago.

A few days before Chinese New Year, I was itching to make some cookies. I could have googled any recipe out there to make, but I had to bear in mind that I do not have a mixer (still saving for my Kitchen Aid) and choose a relatively easy recipe. I found a Cornflake Cookie recipe and proceeded to make that, not without incident though. I will write about it in my Cornflake Cookie recipe later on. It tasted really yums, and I gave some to my Italian lesson classmate as well as the teacher. I hope they liked it coz I sure did. I’ve finished my share already, and am contemplating making another batch coz they’re so easy to make and yummy too.

Apart from that, well, life goes on as usual. I think the hubs will be away for about two months from the day he left to Malaysia. I can’t say for sure as his work schedule isn’t exactly fixed. Somehow I think it will hit the two month mark. I can’t deny the fact that I get bored. But I try and keep myself occupied by cooking nice meals for myself. It takes up a lot of time, and is hardly worth the effort for one person, but it keeps me occupied and sane. I prepare material for teaching, I blog-hop a lot, I read, I watch tv – I watched the Italian news today and I could understand 80% of it *beams*. Wish it was easier to SPEAK it though. I stammer and stutter all the time when I speak it.

I was telling my student/friend the other day how unlucky I am that everything seems to be going wrong when I am alone at home. First it was the awful food poisoning episode. Then it was my modem. Yes, the damn modem died on me. Its about 8 years old now, the hubs has had it since he first arrived. What are the odds that out of 8 years, X months and X days, it just HAD to die on me when the hubs was away??? When I realized that the modem had died, I was FRANTIC. Gosh, the Internet really is my life these days, especially when I’m alone. It’s my key to the outside world, where I read Malaysian news, ENGLISH news – BBC, CNN, etc. Its the main mode in which I keep in touch with family back home. So I sms-ed the hubby to tell him that the modem had died, and he advised me to call the toll-free service center number. But of course they don’t speak English. But hey, what do you know? I actually spoke in Italian to convey the message that my modem was spoilt, and what should I do? They told me that I could change the modem (it’s a rented one by the local phone company) at a nearby service center. I asked him, which is the one closest to my house, and this was his answer: “Oh, you can find it online” *rolls eyes* Like, duuuuuuuude, I CAN’T GET online which is why I’m calling you!!  This blur as heck dude then gave me 5 addresses and told me I could go to any one of them to get an exchange.

So now, how do I go about finding where these 5 addresses are? Under normal circumstances, I would have, yea, you guessed it right, Googled it to find the location on Google Maps. Gosh, I felt so helpless without the Internet. So I told myself to calm down and THINK! Eureka! The hubs GPS! I switched in on and checked all the addresses only to find that one of the addresses was incomplete. So I called the service center again, and this time I got a different lady who spoke, oh, only at the speed of light. She said oooohh nooo, you can only exchange your modem at this ONE center. And of course, this place happened to be the farthest one from my house. I was ready to walk (the GPS said it would be an hour’s walk) in the -1 celcius weather as I didn’t know which bus would get me there. But the hubby called and said I should take a taxi instead. Now why didn’t I think of that??? So I called for a taxi (in Italian!) and in no time, I was at the shop. I changed the modem, and walked out of the shop thinking how would I get home. Saw a bus-stop nearby and woohooo, that particular bus has a stop that would enable me to switch lines to get onto a different bus that runs right in front of my house. On the bus, there was this young guy in dreadlocks who was shouting aloud about how foreigners are a pain to Italians, and how the government wastes so much money on foreigners. @55, if only he knew how much frickin’ money we pay in taxes to their government!!! I reached home, heart beating like a train, adrenaline pumping, so wounded up by the day’s incidents that I could not sit still.

Seriously, I believe that necessity is indeed the mother of all invention. I didn’t think I would be able to carry out a proper conversation in Italian until I just absolutely had to. I still think that I am luckless though. Here’s hoping that new year of the tiger will bring me some much needed luck!

P.S.: I’ve not been out of the house, so I’ve not been wearing any nice red outfits, but I am wearing red pajamas. That counts right??? 😀

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