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Leah’s Month 2-3 Progress

I seriously don’t know how mommy bloggers do it. I am a SAHM with only one baby and even then I can hardly find time to go to the loo, let alone blog. I figured its best I stop apologizing for my lack of updates as I simply can’t help it.

Leah is now 3.5 months old. My mother in law, Leah and I flew back to Italy on 4th February. And knowing my luck, it was the coldest winter in many years when we flew back. To make matters worse, we had to fly into Milan, abt 3 hours from my place instead of Bologna which is a mere half hour away, all due to some paperwork problem that is so charateristic of the Italian system. When we reached Milan airport, it was -12 degrees, icy and foggy and in a nutshell, DREADFUL especially for a little baby. Needless to say, I was worried sick about Leah and how she would handle the cold. Thankfully, she was ok. She was a real gem throughout the flight and didn’t fuss at all. She slept in her bassinett, and when she was awake, she just cooed and smiled and melted some other passengers hearts (I like to think 😉 )

Leah in her bassinett

 It was a dreadfully cold 2 weeks after we arrived. We were pretty much snowed in and I got sick and tired of the snow after just a few days. Snow is only fun when its Xmas, when you have nowhere to go or if you’re a kid (cos schools are closed if theres a lot of snow). Thankfully the weather is a lot better now and the snow has gone.

Boy oh boy has my life changed. I am typing this with one hand as she suckles and drifts off to sleep. I wake up at least 3-4 times a night to nurse her and during the day I go through my chores like a tornado. I havent had the time nor opportunity to bake and dinners now are pretty simple too.

( I had to save this draft and continue this post the next day as the little one was fussing >__< )


Month 2-3 progress

7kgs at 3 months old

1. Recognizes faces. Above all, she recognizes mommy (ME!) yayyy. She has this big grin that is reserved for me and she breaks into smiles and coos when I talk to her. She isn’t this responsive towards others, and its a bummer for her poor daddy coz he feels pretty forlorn that she isn’t that receptive towards him, but I guess its normal since she’s always looking at me, and its mommy who wakes up 382920133 times a night to feed her, carry her, rock her back to sleep etc.


2. Tracks voices (mine?) across the room and follows our movements when we move around.


3. Starting to grab her toys at 3 months old. She is rather cautious from what I noticed, and will only slowly move her fingers around toys that are placed near her. She has only recently started grabbing at toys in front of her when placed in her bouncer. And at almost 4 months now, she is still as obsessed as ever with her fist. I have a truckload of pics of her staring at her right fist and focusing at it, complete with scrunched brows and pouting lips. Very cute.


4. Is still nursing through the night. When we first arrived in Italy, there was one week where she woke up every.single.hour. I suspect it was a growth spurt, and I sure as heck nearly died of exhaustion having to soothe her back to sleep as she kept fussing and crying. As of now, she wakes every 2-3 hours for feeds, and if I’m lucky, 4 hours. Strange this is, she doesn’t really fuss for milk during the day time.


5. We started off co-sleeping in the same bed, but the hubs had a cold and we decided that perhaps its time I move her into her crib in our room. It was a bittersweet moment for me (geez I cant imagine her leaving for college!), and tho its more difficult for me as I have to wake up and walk to her crib all the time, I guess the hubs gets better sleep. The things a mother has to do for her husband baby.


6. Its ironic as she started out in life being SUCH a poopy baby, pooping up to 6 times a day, and then it got lesser and lesser, and the longest she went was 5 days without a poop. And then she gave me a nice explosive Valentines day present – 5 days worth of poopsplosion.


7. She is still fully breastfed and I’m mighty proud of it coz it ISN’T easy. I can’t leave the house peacefully knowing that she might get hungry and since I don’t plan to introduce her to the bottle, she may just get hungry and throw a fit. Thankfully that hasnt happened yet.


8. Sleepwise, gosh I wish it would get better. She is SUCH a light sleeper, and is real daughter of ours. Both hubs and I are very light sleepers, me especially. She only catnaps throughout the day, and sleeps for 20 minute stretches maximum. And that too, is if we rock her in the bouncer.


9. She LOATHES tummy time and though her neck is stronger, as can be felt when we carry her, she still can’t hold her head up while on her tummy.


10. From time to time, she still gets gas/slightly colicky and will suddenly wail in the evenings/at night. This is usually accompanied by her passing gas, so it’s quite obvious that she experiences tummy discomfort. My poor baby. The only thing we can do is feed her with a bit of Dentinox, and so far it seems to be helping. I do hope that she outgrows it soon, as its heartwrenching when she cries in pain.


11. How can I forget this. At just 2 months old, Leah showed obvious dissatisfaction when removed from her bathtub. She ADORES bathtime and coos and is as happy as a lark while in water. A few times, when I removed her from the tub, she started crying, and I was afraid that she was in pain/had some discomfort. But after a few times of it happening, I did a little test, and immersed her in water again when she started crying after her bath. And what do you know. No more tears but instead, she broke into a huge grin! Drama much? So now I’ve learnt to prepare loads of her toys around her after bath, so the moment I start to dry her and dress her, and she starts crying, I’ll have the toys to distract her. Phew.


12. Language development wise, Leah rules! She “talks” really well and some days I can hear her talking in the living room while I’m in the room. She has different intonations and can show displeasure. Just yesterday, after tummy time and she wailed, I carried her and consoled her, and she looked me in the eye, scrunched her eyebrows and began “complaining” in her Oww Oww OWWW voice. Super adorable!


All in all, I would say that this little girl of mine isn’t exactly fast in the motor development department, but is great at social/emotional development. I’m in no hurry really. I’d much prefer she develops at her own pace and I’m not the kind of mother who worries if her baby develops slowly. Already, I feel that she’s growing too quickly, evident in her pile of clothes she’s already outgrown. I do wish time would slow down….


One of her many fist photos


Wrapped like a dumpling TRYING to find The Fist


Mesmerized in her Jumperoo


Heartbreaker in the making

Heartbreaker in the making

Take your time growing up little one. Mommy is in no hurry ❤

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The first 2 months

Wow. Where do I even begin.

Leah turned two months old just 3 days ago, and this is only my second post.

This is some journey indeed.

I had a roller coaster confinement period at my in laws place. Why roller coaster? Coz I had ups and downs. The biggest challenge was simply staying in a house I am not accustomed to, and the noise and heat that came with it. Coupled with a fussing baby, it drove me to tears some days. There really is no place like one’s own home. That said, I was glad to have help in the form of a live in helper who did Leah’s laundry (COUNTLESS poopy nappies), and a mother in law who cooked nourishing food for me. It would have been a perfect confinement period if we were all living in a bigger house that wasnt so hot or noisy! I have to be honest and say that I got a little upset at the hubs many times. I was envious that he could still go out jogging, playing badminton and having mamak sessions while I was literally cooped up 24/7 handling shitty diapers and a crying and fussing baby all the time, and well, I needed all the help I could get. I am glad to announce though, that he’s doing a lot better now. Diaper duty isnt his favourite, but at least he’s willing to do it unlike the beginning. Now that Leah’s showing her personality, cooing and smiling loads, I feel that Daddy is more willing to participate and help out. Thanks love. She is after all half you (and heck, she LOOKS like you hrmmmpphh). Dads out there who don’t participate in their child’s upbringing don’t know what they’re missing out on. A baby is only a baby once.

The first few weeks after Leah’s birth was the toughest time in my life. Having had a C-section, I was in a lot of pain. Being the stubborn mule that I am, I did not take a single painkiller that was prescribed to me because I did not want any of it in my breastmilk. Breastfeeding too started out really rocky. I’m glad I got off to a better start by deciding to call in the help of a lactation consultant. At home, Leah wanted to latch on ALL the time. I was so zombified, it just made things even harder. Trying to sit up all the time to feed her was tough, as it hurt my scar like a b***h. To make matters worse, I was having a really bad cough, and each time I coughed, I could feel the stitches sorta expanding, and it was so painful my tears would well up. I guess its a good thing that God gave me a high tolerance for pain.

There were some nights where Leah would want to feed every half an hour to an hour. Day and night. I was sore, tired as hell and cranky as a cow. I was literally counting down the days till Leah reached 30 days old (fullmoon). Thankfully that day arrived (not) so soon enough.

We had a full moon party/dinner at Imperial Restaurant in Klang.

Leah at her full moon party

Today, Leah is a bubbly 2 month old baby who’s grown so much. At 6 weeks, she gave her first social smile, smiling and cooing back at us. Its much better now that she’s gotten into sort of a routine. She needs to be swaddled to sleep else her arms flail around and she wakes herself up. She loves her baths, and is a contented little bug in the tub. She feeds every 2 hours or so, and at nights, she goes back to sleep after her feeds unlike the initial days where she’d fuss to high heavens. The only time she really cries is when she gets the occasional colicky/gassy bout. She cries in pain and it sometimes makes ME tear. Her paed has suggested Dentinox and it seems to be working so far.

She’s gone from a tiny 2.66kgs at birth to a nice 5.3kgs as of yesterday. I can’t help but swell with pride when people comment on how chubby she’s gotten, coz she’s 100% on mommy’s milk!

Here are some recent pictures of the little princess.

Yes. I’m in love.

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Introducing Baby Leah

Yes, it was labour that I was experiencing in my previous post.

Leah (it’s a girl!!) is 17 days old today.

On 14 November, I woke up to cramps, had a show, and lost a bit of the mucus plug. Called my doctor, and he said to wait it out, and if it continued after an hour to check in to the hospital.

That was 7.30am when I called him. I was having contractions 5 minutes apart, and deep down I knew I was going to see my baby that day. I had some fried meehoon for breakfast, and mama, upon waking up and seeing me pacing up and down the house, took emergency leave that day. Let it be known that I threw up everything even on the day I gave birth! I took a long hot shower, washed my hair, and was cringing and holding on to the bathroom walls when the contractions came.

Hubs who was in Klang was alerted via SMS, and he made his way to my place in Damansara, and arrived at about 8-ish. I think I was distracting myself by going on Facebook, blogging a little, repacking my hospital bag and what not. At 9am, we made our way to the hospital. The worst part was making my way from my apartment to the visitor’s parking where hubs had parked his car, it felt like I was walking from Malaysia to Nigeria. Had to stop and manage the contractions while they came, while at the same time not alarming the people who were walking about.

Got to the hospital, got the fetal monitor strapped on me, and it showed my contractions peaking and subsiding. Some smartypantsone thought it would be smart to update me on the intensity of the contractions – “it’s going up, 68,69,72” I swear it made things 100 times worse. Till I asked him to please shut up 😛 Our friend then proceeded to tell me a joke about some asses people on a plane, but thank God the doctor came in before he could continue. (I still dont know the end of the joke).

I was given a vaginal exam and went YEowwwwyeowwwowwww!!! The dr then announced that I was 2cm dilated, BUT baby was in a compound presentation, meaning that her arm was making it’s way out together with her head, and there would be a risk of a fracture. Hence I had to undergo an emergency C-section.

It all happened so quickly from then on. I was wheeled into the operating theater, briefed by the anaesthetist and my gynaecologist, and was given a spinal block which numbed sensations from waist down, but I could still feel pressure being applied. The anaesthetist was a really nice Malay lady, no doubt a mother herself, who put me at ease and said comforting words. My favourite item in the whole operating theater was this fan/hose like thing which blew warm air under the sheets onto my chest. It was really welcome in that freezing place. I wanted to crack a joke about my gynae’s white rubber boots not complementing his blue scrubs, but decided against it 😛

The hubs was beside me, in scrubs too, holding my hand, and thankfully minus the jokes.

There was a burning smell, pushing, prodding out in my abdomen and I heard a remark by my amused anaesthetist, to which my gynae replied, “it’s the arm”. I guess he was trying to pry that stubborn arm out.

I heard her cry. And I cried.

They took her aside, and did the basic checks before she was placed near my face, all gooey. I cried some more, and told her how much I loved her, always had, always will.

They proceeded to clean her up, weigh her and gave her her necessary shots. Little Leah weighed 2.66kgs at birth. And while the doctors stitched me up, the hubs followed Leah to the nursery.

I have been exclusively breastfeeding, and that itself started out pretty rocky, but I perservered. I honestly think breastfeeding has turned out to be tougher than labour itself. But things are going well now, touchwood. Will try and write a post on it when (IF!) I have the time.

Typing this with one hand while the little koala is latching on to me is proving to be HARD. So I’ll end here, with a picture of my little Leah wearing her camicia della fortuna (lucky shirt)- a silk shirt worn on babies when they’re born to signify good luck in her future. This was gifted by an Italian friend.

In the meantime, I hope Leah will let me have some time to run to the bathroom. She seems milk drunk now. I guess that’s my cue. 🙂

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This blog is turning into a baby blog isn’t it? Oh well, I’ll just go with the flow and embrace whatever life throws me. Bubs isn’t here yet and our lives are ALREADY revolving around him/her!

I must say though, that I am enjoying every minute of it 🙂 I have always been that girl who melts when she sees an ADORABLE pair of baby shoes. Heck, there was once I seriously contemplated buying a pair of baby Nikes and to put them as an ornamental piece in my house simply because it was too damn adorable. And no, I wasn’t married then, and most definitely not preggers. And now, muahahah, I actually have the LICENSE to actually buy these items! *rubs hands in glee*

After much arguing discussing, we finally decided on the big ticket items for baby. We were initially deciding between the Stokke Xplory stroller, the Concord Neo stroller and the Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller. The Stokke is indeed eye catching, what with it’s elevated position, but most shop owners warned that it is bulky and is difficult to fit into cars, unless one has a car with a big bootspace. Which is something our little car does not have. So then, it was a toss up between the Concord Neo and the Bugaboo Cameleon. Concord is German and Bugaboo is Dutch.

Concord Neo

Bugaboo Cameleon

Bugaboo Cameleon

The main criteria we looked for in our strollers were:

1) Good suspension and manouverability. The nerd engineer in the hubs couldn’t help but to test the suspension of the wheels and he/we loved the Concord and Bugaboo’s good wheel suspension

2) Brakes activated by hand. I had no issues with brakes at foot level, but the hubs preferred that the stroller we chose had brakes that is at hand level, which both the Concord and Bugaboo had.

3) Weight. Of course there are umbrella strollers out there are very light, but we wanted something that wouldn’t be too heavy for a stroller that is in this category. The Bugaboo weighs 8.62 kgs and the Concord weighs 10.6kgs. (Information retrieved from their respective websites).

Both the Bugaboo and Concord pretty much fulfilled the criteria we wanted, making it a lot more difficult for us to decide. Of course, the price factor is another matter. The Concord was slightly cheaper by about EUR200. I was however, loving the bright colour options of the Bugaboo. We went to three different baby stores to try out the strollers, and finally we decided to try out the Bugaboo again before deciding on which to buy. And whaddaya know, that particular store was having a 20% discount on all items above EUR200 on that day, and so the discount factor made us decide on the Bugaboo. Hubs who was initially leaning towards the Concord said “Ok, we’ll take it (the Bugaboo) immediately when he heard of the discount. This particular shop doesn’t stock the Concord, hence it made it easier for us. Phew! I happily chose the Cameleon in a nice cheery orange shade.

Since there was a discount going on, and discounts do NOT come by often here in Modena, we thought we’d buy some other items too.

– A Fisher Price infant to toddler rocker/chair

Fisher Price rocker - picture from Amazon.com

Fisher Price rocker - picture from Amazon.com

– A Flexibath foldable baby bath tub

Flexibath tub - picture from babyology.com.au

Flexibath tub - picture from babyology.com.au

I reckon that this tub would come in handy since we do not have much space in our bathrooms. The Flexibath comes in a myriad of colours, but we bought the transparent one in case of uhhh…poopy accidents happening. Reckon it would be easier to spot LOL.

– Aveeno toiletries

Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo

Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo

As I will be delivering in Malaysia, I don’t want to stock up on too much toiletries all at once for our home in Modena. I figured something pretty basic would do. I’ve heard lots of good reviews on Aveeno, especially if a baby is prone to eczema (touchwood) or other skin ailments.

Of course, there’s also the baby crib which has not been set up yet, for it’s far too early.

We bought our crib and mattress from good ol’ Ikea. Crib is the Hensvik model, and the mattress is the Vysssa Somnat.

Ikea Hensvik crib + Vyssa Mattress

Ikea Hensvik crib + Vyssa Mattress

The reason I wanted an Ikea crib was simple. It was simply because I wanted a crib that would be able to double up as a child’s bed once baby is bigger. As can be seen from the image above, one side of the crib is removable so the little kiddo can climb in and out of bed when he/she is bigger. Italy has some really REALLY lovely nursery items, and some of their cribs are so beautiful but mighty expensive and I haven’t come across a decently priced crib-cum-bed in any of the regular baby shops here.

Other purchases we have made include books. Some of these books were bought way back last year 😉 while the famous breastfeeding book by Jack Newman arrived just yesterday. I try not to overload myself with information, but I think these books are pretty much essential, especially the top and bottom ones. What Every Parent Needs To Know is a book that the hubs bought, and I started reading it, and found it quite interesting, especially where it concerns sleep training etc, but I reckon I’d finish Jack Newman’s breastfeeding book first before completing the former.

Trying to think ahead, I also got a nice friend to help me purchase an Ergo Performance baby carrier. I will be flying back to Italy when bubs is about 2 months old, and I figure a baby carrier would be great help. There are LOADS of baby carriers out there, all kinds of shapes, sizes and functions, but since I live in ulu Modena, I have to decide on one as there aren’t many/any shops that stock these, and shipping would be expensive too. There was a Parenthood fair in Midvalley, KL, Malaysia last week, and Alesia kindly helped me to buy this at a promo price of RM391. Usual price would be around RM480. Since I will be using this when bub would be really small, I’d need to get the infant insert too, but that can wait till I get back to Malaysia.

Ergo Performance - image from www.ergobabycarrier.com

Ergo Performance - image from http://www.ergobabycarrier.com

As it’s not too “girly” looking as many ring slings and pouches are, the hubs would be able to use it too. Thanks again for your help Alesia! I LOVE the feeling of getting a good bargain 😉

I feel a little more relieved having purchased these items, as I’m a wee bit concerned about the whole going back home to deliver in Malaysia thing, and having to come back to Italy and ensuring that bubs has all the necessities ready in our home in Italy too.

Next week we will check out wardrobes for bub’s room, as we’re not going with the usual chest of drawers, as we want something that would last us much longer.

I have also been researching cloth diapers, as I am keen to cloth diaper as it saves lots of money in the long run, and is also good for the environment. And as usual, yours truly is being all kiasu and gung ho coz I need to get the items when I’m back in Malaysia! I hope the hubs doesn’t freak out at the initial start up cost of these cloth diapers, although he has been quite supportive of it thus far. ( I sayang this guy loads, he patiently listens to my explanation on things and usually lets me have the last say) Can we all say awwww? 😉 As of now, I am leaning towards Bumgenius diapers after all the good reviews I have read about them. Other good brands are FuzziBunz and Rumparooz I reckon. They don’t come cheap, but if it’s gonna save us money in the long run, then I’m all for it. Anyone with info on group buys/discounts on cloth diapers especially Bumgenius, do let me know!

So phew, there you go, a looooong update on preparation for bub’s arrival. The hubs travelling oh so often for work makes it difficult for us to buy stuff, so whenever he’s around, we go searching for stuff. And Modena being a small town, we have to search even harder for items. The nearest Ikea for instance is a good 45 minutes away on the highway. Times like these, I do miss KL and it’s proximity to everything. *sniffs*

Oh well, we win some, we lose some don’t we? 😉 At least I have a loving, supportive other half who has been amazing throughout this pregnancy. Let’s hope this continues babes 😉 else I’m gonna make bubs love ME more.

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I have been wanting to write this for some months now, but somehow, things always got in the way. (read: I usually forget) 😛 

The hubs and I quite enjoy our red wines, and living in Italy where wines are good, abundant and rather cheap, one cannot say no to a glass of good wine every now and then. 

We are far, far from being connoisseurs. I do not know if a wine is supposed to taste like plum, currant or cherry, or if it has a tinge of oak, and I can barely tell a Merlot from a Cabernet. For all intents and purposes, I have no desire to learn wine-tasting skills or terminology. What I do want however, is to enjoy a good wine from time to time. 

For our wedding anniversary this year, I wanted to get the hubs a small gift, although we agreed that we won’t be exchanging gifts this year. Hah, I was itching anyway, to get him one. I thought about it night and day for a couple of days. Getting guys gifts is such a pain especially if you have a fussy special hubs like mine 😛 And then I thought about how much he loves his wine. He already has all the basic gadgets a wine lover can have. I did a bit of research online and stumbled upon this Vinturi Wine Aerator on Amazon. Just reading the reviews there, I was pretty much sold on the product. 

Picture taken from Vinturi.com


The device is a rather attractive looking oblong shaped plexiglass “funnel” that comes with a handy stand. The two rod-like parts that lay horizontally at the bottom of the aerator isn’t a rod, but is basically a channel which I believe lets in air that aerates the wine that is poured through it. 

The hubs and I had a blind taste test to determine if it really does work. The little skeptic in me was crossing her fingers, hoping it would work after all the hassle to purchase it (more on that later). The hubs poured me two glasses of wine, one aerated, and the other one straight from the bottle. I took one sip from each glass and could immediately identify the wine that had been aerated. The aerated wine tasted much smoother, had greater depth and didn’t have that sharp taste that an un-aerated glass of wine would have. The hubs tasted it and agreed with me 🙂 

The best thing about this aerator is that one does not need to decant wine hours in advance. Sometimes you just feel like having wine, or you may have forgotten about decanting a bottle of wine to go with dinner, and this aerator solves this problem beautifully. Also, one only needs to aerate the wine when necessary, i.e. pouring out a glass of wine instead of decanting an entire bottle/measuring a glass of wine to decant hours in advance. 

Now we just HAVE to use this aerator everytime we have our wines, or else the wines don’t taste good anymore 😛 

One thing I should stress on after reading the comments and reviews on Amazon is about the 2 intentional “cracks” on the aerator. Upon receiving this product, many people had the impression that the product was flawed or broken. It is not. The leaflet in the (classy)box it arrived in stated that this is normal, and I suspect that it is part of the design that uses Bernoulli’s Principle 


From Vinturi.com 

Bernoulli’s Principle states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, the pressure within the fluid decreases. This is dictated by the law of conservation of energy. When wine is poured in the Vinturi, its internal design creates an increase in the wine’s velocity and a decrease in its pressure. This pressure difference draws in air which is mixed with wine for perfect aeration. 



If you notice carefully from the picture above, you will see a tiny “crack”. This crack doesn’t bother me, as it appears on both sides, and doesn’t affect the functionality of the aerator at all.   

My only regret pertaining to this aerator is that we have a decanter sitting in my kitchen cabinet unused and taking up a lot of space!

On to my hassle purchasing this product. Amazon had the best price for this product, but they charge a bomb to ship to Italy. I got the aerator shipped to my good friend Tony living in the US who shipped it to me (thanks Tony! The hubs loves you for this) 😛 Along with this aerator, Tony sent me a few other items which I had ordered. The rest arrived, but this aerator didn’t. I was quite upset as I was sooo looking forward to surprise the hubs with this. After about 2 weeks, I received a notification asking me to retrieve a parcel from the Post Office. I knew it had arrived, but was rather curious as to the cause of delay. Little did I know I would be taxed! I was taxed EUR10++ by the Italian customs for this tiny little gadget. How infuriating. The amount of taxes one pays in Italy is unbelievable, and I was (am) indignant at having to pay so much in taxes for something as small as this. Funnily enough the other items that Tony sent me (they were Kitchen Aid attachments in a box 10 times bigger than the aerator) were not taxed. I wonder what criteria they use in deciding to slaughter tax someone.

But that aside, we absolutely love this aerator. It would make a good gift to any wine aficionados. If only more people knew how much we loved our wines BEFORE we bought this 😉

Note: I have not been paid to review this item. I wrote this post solely because I love this product, and I realized that not many people (or at least, our Italian friends) know about this gadget. All opinions expressed here are solely mine and may not reflect the opinions of other users.

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Firstly, I must stress that it was the HB who prepared this for our meal 😀 I was only the sous chef. The HB got the recipe online, though I don’t know where exactly, so I’m gonna write this down from memory. The HB had a friend who went mushroom picking and gave us some. I was quite happy as they’re quite pricey, and oh-so-yummy.



Wild Mushroom Bruschetta

Wild Mushroom Bruschetta



Wild mushroom bruschetta

Wild mushroom bruschetta





  1. 1 cup wild mushroom
  2. 1 shallot, chopped
  3. 1 clove garlic, chopped
  4. A dash of dried parsley
  5. A dash of salt
  6. A dash of pepper
  7. 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  8. 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
  9. 2 tablespoons bottled Pesto sauce (or enough to cover your bruschetta with a thin coat)
  10. 2 slices baguette
  11. 1 tbsp butter for sauteeing




  1. Heat butter in a frying pan.
  2. Add garlic and onion. Saute for about 1 minute.
  3. Add mushroom and sautee till water evaporates, or till mushroom softens.
  4. Add salt, pepper and parsley.
  5. On one side of bruschetta, brush with olive oil. Place on frying pan, oiled side up till it gets a little “toasted”. You can do this in the oven too, if you so wish.
  6. Remove from heat, spread pesto on oiled side of bruschetta.
  7. Top with mushroom mixture.
  8. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and dribble with olive oil.
  9. Serve hot.


 Note: We like PLENTY of mushroom on our bruschetta, hence the abundance 😉

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I have been trying to incorporate more fish into my diet lately but it has been quite difficult as the best (and cheapest) fish are from the hypermarket which is quite a distance away. We try to stock up on fish whenever we go to the hypermarket, being a typical guy, the HB doesn’t like those trips. I am absolutely over the moon coz our new house is directly opposite a large-ish supermarket, and they also stock fish! And buttermilk!


I wanted something quick for dinner today and I  usually eat very quick, simple meals when the HB is away. I opened the kitchen cabinets, mulled over the ingredients I had and also those I have to finish, as they were nearing their expiry date.


Thus I came up with my own recipe of sorts 🙂


Baked Cod With Parmesan Breading

Baked Cod With Parmesan Breading



Ingredients (Serves 1)

1. Cod fillet

2. 4 tablespoons breadcrumbs

3. 2 tablespoons mayonnaise

4. 1/4 teaspoon chili flakes (I love mine hot, so I used a whole teaspoon)

5. 1 tablespoon lemon juice

6. 4 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

7. 1 tablespoon mashed anchovy fillet

8. 1 teaspoon garlic powder

9. 1/2 teaspoon chopped parsley (I used dried parsley)

9. Dash of pepper

10. Dash of salt





1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees Celcius


2.In a bowl, mix mayo, chili flakes, lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, mashed anchovy, garlic powder, salt and pepper.


3. In another bowl, mix breadcrumbs with parsley flakes.


4. Drag one side of fish over Parmesan-mayo mixture. Drag again in the other bowl with breadcrumbs to evenly coat.


5. If you feel that you have a lot of remaining Parmesan-mayo mix, place fish on baking tray and spoon remaining mixture on fish before spreading with breadcrumbs.


6. Bake on tray lined with foil and smeared with a little olive oil for about 15 minutes or till crust turns a golden brown.


7. Serve with a slice of lemon.


Note: This is quite a forgiving recipe, and I suggest you eyeball measurements as you go along. Add or reduce cheese, chili flakes and garlic powder to your preference.



 Super easy, very yummy!

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