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First I was writing about our Xmas dinner and before you know it, January is coming to an end???

I have been swamped with teaching and studying, literally, day and night. But I’m not complaining. It’s a blessing!

Look at the new additions to our household. Its ironic that I started out hating coffee, and now I’m just *this* close to being addicted to it. I gotta admit, the coffee here IS good. We first tried out a coffee machine that the hubs had bought for his sister back in Malaysia. While the coffee was good, it was just too messy, and the froth for the cappuccino just wasn’t thick enough. So while we were shopping the other day, I spotted this gadget called the Bialetti Cioccolata e Cappucino. It is a versatile Hot Chocolate maker and milk frother for the perfect cappuccino. It can even prepare iced coffees and shakes, though we have not tried these functions yet.

Bialetti Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino Maker

Check out how it works by clicking HERE to watch the video on YouTube. Really cool I tell you. The video shows how you make hot chocolate with the gadget. It works the same way by frothing milk for cappuccino.

And this our 6 cup Bialetti Moka Express that makes the espresso that goes into our cappuccino.

Bialetti Moka Express

It doesn’t look as huge as the picture depicts, its just a (very smart) simple device that goes on the stove top. Watch this video below to learn how it works.

So, to make a cup of cappuccino, I add the espresso made by the Moka Express to the milk frothed by the Cappuccino gadget. It is a much cheaper option to getting a coffee machine and the plus side is that I get to make hot chocolate and frappes too!

The Hot Chocolate and Cappuccino Maker was EUR59.90. We got 10% off both the items as we used our hypermarket loyalty points. I foresee us having lots of coffee and hot chocolate ahead!


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