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Busy Bee!

Well, whaddaya know. Maybe this house has some good Feng Shui thing going on. I feel really happy being at home, even when the HB is away travelling for work and I’m alone at home. That said, I’m busier than ever. I have Italian lessons in the mornings, then in the afternoons, I work on Project D 😉 and in the evenings I have classes to teach. So much for being a lady of leisure!

I’m walking more than I ever have in my life. Walk to lessons, walk back home, walk to school to teach, walk everywhere! I should be getting calves of steel soon. And I reckon I won’t need to be forced to be persuaded to get on the stationary bike at home *glares at the HB* since I walk an average of 1.5 hours a day everyday, some days even more!

It has gotten really cold here, an average of 10 degrees everyday, but woohoo, I think I’m getting used to the cold 😀 One thing that worries me though, the Swine Flu/ H1N1 virus that created a scare back home in Malaysia is quite rampant here now. I know of a few people whose son/classmate/daughter had the virus. Thing is, they treat it so lightly here! Some of these people I know say that its a ploy by the pharmaceutical companies to boost sales of their vaccine. Some say that its just a regular flu that happens to hit the already sick/pregnant people even harder, which in turn causes deaths. So that would mean that since I am fit and healthy, I won’t die if I get the flu? Yeah ok, but hello! I don’t WANT to get the flu in the first place! Back home they close schools if there’s a student who’s confirmed to have had the virus. Here, the student stays at home for a week, and when they get better, they come back to school, no big deal, school goes on as usual. Gets me worried since I deal with kids on a regular basis. Who knows what kinda virus they would’ve picked up.

Our house is still in a chaotic state as the new wardrobe that we ordered has not arrived. Things are still in boxes. The HB is in Cardiff now for work, and boy oh boy, he’s gotten us some goodies in the form of 400-threadcount Egyptian Cotton Satin sheets and duvet covers 😀 We absolutely ADORE John Lewis in the UK. It has everything and anything you can think of for the house. From bedlinen to KitchenAids to curtains to spice racks! I’d go crazy if I lived in the UK I tell you. Shopping there is meraviglioso (marvellous)!

I just remembered that I have Italian grammar homework to do, and class is tomorrow morning. Shucks.

P.S. The nice neighbour that lives above us has just had a baby girl, I’m dying to have a peek and give them the pressie we bought from London 😉


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