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The hubs left to Malaysia on Tuesday for a 2 week business trip. (insert green-with-envy emoticon here). A couple of days before that, we went out for dinner with a colleague of his and his wife. The restaurant was nice, and unlike most restaurants in this town, they had lots of seafood on their menu too.

The HB and the colleague’s wife chose the Seafood Crudita for starters. Crudita basically means raw, but it isn’t 100% raw like sushi is, but I think the food is very quickly blanched in hot water. Thus the less than 100% raw texture. I had the Gamberoni with Rucola Salad and Cheese (cooked big prawns), and loved it, as I love prawns. Somehow, raw food and me just don’t click. I don’t particularly enjoy sashimi either. The colleague had a pasta dish for starters.

For seconds, I had a Seafood Pasta, the hubs had Lobster Pasta, the colleague had a Steak and his wife an Octopus salad. I enjoyed my pasta, and loved having seafood for a change.

Then, on Monday, the HB started to feel ill, and he went to work only to come home 3 hours later all green-faced and nauseous. He said that the colleague and his wife too were sick. HB spent the day at home feeling nauseous, vomit-ish (he ended up throwing up). The next day, he had to leave to Malaysia. I thanked my lucky stars that I was the only one who did not get sick.


On Wednesday, after lessons, I started feeling nauseous and walked home as fast as I could. At home, I felt utterly horrible, it was hard to describe. I didn’t have a tummy ache but I was feeling awfully nauseous, gassy and plain…sick. In the end, I ran to the bathroom to excrete……both ways. (Sorry! Too much information!) And it went on for the next 3 hours or so. Towards the third hour or so, I broke out in cold sweat, my palms were clammy and I passed out for perhaps a few seconds/minutes(?) in the bathroom. I was lying on the bathroom feeling like I was gonna die, and I just HAD to call the hubby, you know, to tell him I was really sick and to bid my last goodbye get me help! Notwithstanding the fact that he was in Malaysia, he called his friend immediately to get me to the hospital, and this nice friend of his arrived in less than 10 minutes. OMG I must have been quite a sight, with icky pukey stuff on my hair and face looking like utter crap. I was walking really unsteadily and got myself into the car, and of course I had to puke again. Thank God I managed to open the car door in time and that the car was still stationary.

At the hospital, he got me registered just by showing my Health Card and that got things moving. 5 minutes later, a (male) nurse took my temperature, blood pressure, the works. I think he was a little concerned about my blood pressure which was 80/60 if I remember correctly. I was then put on a bed and wheeled into the examination room. I didnt know how long that was as I was shivering under 3 blankets and my thick fleece lined jacket trying to hold in the puke, which I couldn’t. Threw up another time, this time just bile (scary looking if you ask me).  I felt like I waited quite a bit in there. I heard the nurse explaining that there was an emergency to which the doctor had to attend.

After some time, the doctor came in, spoke in some Italian which, thankgoodness, I could comprehend. His first few questions were,

  • How many times have you puked/pooped
  • Did you just return from any travel?
  • Did you eat anything in particular?
  • Are you pregnant? O____O
  • Is there pain

etc… etc. He spoke in English the few times I could not understand, so it wasn’t too bad. The nurses were polite, albeit a little ganas/rough when drawing blood. I heard her complaining that my veins were so tiny. Thats what they always say, don’t they.

I was then wheeled out to another area, and given an IV drip consisting of 2 bottles of Sodium Chloride and a bottle of Metoclopramide (anti-vomit). I felt tonnes better after that. After the three bottles, the doctor printed out 3 pieces of Clinical report as to what my blood test revealed, blood pressure reading, oxygen saturation, medication given and even advice on what to eat. The doctor then went on to say that if I still feel bad, to get the medication that was printed on the sheet. I think thats the way it works here; with the Health Card, you dont have to pay for anything apart from the medication which one probably has to get from pharmacies.

I got home feeling much better, but awfully exhausted and weak. I had to cancel my classes for yesterday and today. Was still feeling bad yesterday, I only had 2 mugs of tea and 2 slices of plain white bread the entire day. Today I woke up feeling muchhhh better. I think I overestimated it as I started washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen when I felt all light-headed and dizzy and my knees felt like they were gonna give way. I realized from our experience with papa when he was sick, was that it was a sign of low sodium. I quickly ate some salt, and about a teaspoon later, I was back to normal. Weird huh. When I told the HB about this over MSN, his ‘overjoyed’ response was “Ooooh, does this mean we get to more salty food?” 😀 Dream on mistah.

It was a horrible, HORRIBLE experience for me, probably the worst I’ve ever felt, even worse than the time I was suspected to have dengue and admitted to Subang Medical Center. Imagine being all alone in a foreign country, not being able to speak the language all that well, and falling ill AND passing out in the bathroom. In my state of light headedness, I even thought of the possibility of me dying all alone in the bathroom and people discovering me a few days later all rotten, and then seeing the dishes in the kitchen unwashed (only coz I was too sick to even wash a spoon!), the bathroom all yucky (no prizes for guessing why) and thinking what a disgusting person I was. What a disgrace that would be to my dead self!

I’m starving now, but I’m utterly terrified of eating and needless to say I won’t be eating seafood for a long, looooong time.


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